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It is distressing to read a recent report from the Ohio Restaurant Association that indicates the financial cost of the coronavirus pandemic to that... [Read More]
Local businesses and organizations keep adapting to the new realities of the coronavirus. A recent example is the University of Mount Union. Officials... [Read More]
We all know the old saying: If it's too good to be true, it probably is. It's an expression that may be running through... [Read More]
In these frightening and uncertain times, we can't run out of the tools health officials need to do their jobs. Yet that is what's happening. [Read More]
The world has been thrust into an unprecedented time. The White House has estimated that 100,000 to 240,000 Americans could die in the coming months... [Read More]
Here's a coronavirus quiz. Name the elected Republican leader who began in early March ordering social distancing restrictions before even a single COVID... [Read More]
Last month,news broke that lawmakers - including Sens. Richard Burr, R-N.C., and Kelly Loeffler, R-Ga. - had sold off stocks early in the coronavirus crisis.... [Read More]
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Much has been discussed about why Governor Rickets and Reynolds won't issue a statewide shelter in place directive. When asked, they point to the different... [Read More]
With schools across the country closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, teachers are still finding ways to educate their students, including in Washington County. [Read More]
As the coronavirus story continues to evolve and as more and more people get tested, the more we will learn. [Read More]
We've noted multiple things that were "bound to happen" in assessing the COVID-19 pandemic that's effectively brought this country... [Read More]
If the state Legislature reconvenes this year, remember the following statement and consider it a promise. [Read More]
Members of Congress, world leaders, international organizations, editorial boards, and civil society activists are calling on the Trump administration to lift sanctions on Iran, at... [Read More]
The governor's announcement made it sound like renters had true protections, meaning many tenants could unwittingly end up setting themselves up for eviction. [Read More]
So last week, we ran an advertisement on page 17 that caused quite an uproar. We heard from and spoke to many people afterward, some... [Read More]
Wednesday, April 1, was Census Day, but really, every day is Census Day for Americans until they fill out this very important questionnaire.This is no... [Read More]
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