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Barton Gellman's biography paints an unflinching picture of the man some consider a spy, and others a hero, for revealing widespread surveillance. [Read More]
National security journalist Barton Gellman talks about "the surveillance-industrial state," the possibility of a Biden presidency or a second Trump term, and his gripping new... [Read More]
Barton Gellman's new book is a riveting account of exposing NSA excesses to the light of the day. [Read More]
Revelations in Edward Snowden's book Permanent Record are a call to arms for an immediate implementation of net neutrality and for all political parties to... [Read More]
The author's lively interactions with Edward Snowden inform this deeply considered portrait of the 21st-century US-dominated surveillance operation... [Read More]
In this age of coronavirus, when governments are desperate to acquire information about the effect Covid-19 has on their citizens, it is worth remembering there... [Read More]
The US journalist talks about being hacked by intelligence services, his dealings with whistleblower Edward Snowden, and why he loves detective fiction... [Read More]
Seven years after the American spook tech geek Edward Snowden blew the whistle, sensationally, on the extent of online surveillance by his country's intelligence agencies,... [Read More]
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