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OPINION: Muting the president was all it took to stage a courteous debate between Trump and Biden. It's nothing to be pleased about, but it... [Read More]
One of the toughest things to battle, the Pasco County Supervisor of Elections says, is misinformation. [Read More]
The young NBC correspondent is labelled "clear winner" for the way she led the final presidential debate. [Read More]
The bitter rivals' final TV debate was more restrained this time but there were plenty of personal jabs. [Read More]
Joe Biden cites a report about a secret bank account held by Mr Trump in China. [Read More]
For Trump, this was the final opportunity to change the dynamics of the election race. For Biden it was to solidify an apparent lead two... [Read More]
Ohio has long been a reliable guide to the US election: the state's winner usually goes on to win the presidency. In 2016, it broke... [Read More]
Donald Trump's family finally added masks to their outfits for the final presidential debate, after being warned that they'd be kicked out if they took... [Read More]
Answering to unfounded allegations from Trump that he's received funds from Russian sources, Biden noted that he's released 22 years of taxes. [Read More]
Biden lashes out saying Trump "pours fuel on every racist fire," but Trump quipped back about his criminal justice reform bill he signed. [Read More]
The mute button came up trumps as both candidates highlighted their vastly different approaches to the major domestic and foreign challenges facing the US. [Read More]
Donald Trump and Joe Biden face off for final time before election... [Read More]
Donald Trump takes on Joe Biden in the final presidential debate. Follow the action here. [Read More]
Tennessee showdown could be Trump's final chance to swing voters, as Biden goes into debate ahead in the polls. [Read More]
Find out how Trump and Biden are faring in the states likely to decide Election 2020 with this rundown of statewide polls in 14 states,... [Read More]
There are multiple races happening on Election Day. Here, 12 News has listed all of the contested races in our area and who's in the... [Read More]
DONALD Trump and Joe Biden are going head-to-head for the Presidency in November. But who looks set to win? Here are the latest polls. ⚠️... [Read More]
"People don't know how to engage, and they didn't feel safe to engage." [Read More]
While the state constitution says local offices - county, city, school, judicial - "shall be nonpartisan," in reality partisan influence bears directly on local races.... [Read More]
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