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I agree with Liz VanLeeuwen's letter (Mailbag, July 21) opposing the effort to abolish the Electoral College. The Electoral College ensures states like Oregon have... [Read More]
Joe Biden is leading President Trump in the polls — nationally and in a number of swing states. But a voter could be forgiven for... [Read More]
2020 US Presidential bets, Trump odds, Biden odds, Political odds, political betting, betting on politics, 2020 US Elections, Presidential odds, US Presidential race best bets,... [Read More]
Electoral College Ratings for Election 2016(Image by nordique)   Details   DMCA Magisterial elections scholar Alexander Keyssar discusses the thorny issue of why such... [Read More]
Electoral College needs to be updated... [Read More]
While there's abundant evidence Trump is willing to contest an adverse election result, it's unlikely Joe Biden would trigger a constitutional crisis. [Read More]
The consequences of Trump's red state favoritism are deadly... [Read More]
Nearly everyone involved in reporting on, analyzing or forecasting the upcoming presidential election agrees that Donald Trump could win another term in office. But no... [Read More]
The electoral college has been a fixture of American democracy -- and criticism -- since the nation's founding. We'll explain why it endures. [Read More]
I sincerely stand next to any American who simply asks or demands respect and fair treatment. God bless the oppressed. They deserve better. Yes, I... [Read More]
Re: "Electoral College levels the field," Liz VanLeeuwen, July 21... [Read More]
If President Donald Trump carries Texas in November, Ruby Manen will get to vote for him a second time — as a member of the... [Read More]
Enough of the president's base is concentrated in swing states like Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Because of that fact, he can lose by as... [Read More]
Actor Edward Norton has declared that the electoral college is "deeply rooted" in racism and slavery, arguing that America should have started using a national... [Read More]
NPR's 2020 Battleground MapThe latest NPR analysis of the Electoral College has several states shifting in Biden's favor, and he now has a 297-170 advantage... [Read More]
Attempts to undermine or eliminate the Electoral College diminish the framers' vision for how we choose a president, argues Sean Parnell in a guest column. [Read More]
In 2008, The Associated Press called the presidential election shortly after 11 p.m. on Election Day  — Democrat Barack Obama had won enough Electoral College... [Read More]
Apparently Trump's campaign has "gone dark" in Michigan (giving up on the state). Recall that unexpectedly eking out Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin gave Trump his... [Read More]
The Harvard Kennedy School professor blames the desire of politicians to "game the system" for the long life of this deeply unpopular institution. [Read More]
This letter is in response to the story "Justices rule against 'faithless elector' " in the Buffalo News of July 7. Justice Kagan wrote that... [Read More]
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