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That's great, but WTF is sNEWSi?
Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) on Sunday declined to refer to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden as president-elect, saying that while Biden's team now has access... [Read More]
In response to letter writers defending the Electoral College (who wrote in response to our editorial critical of it), other readers have written in to... [Read More]
President Donald Trump said for the first time on Thanksgiving that he will leave office if the Electoral College votes for President-elect Joe Biden. "Certainly... [Read More]
The Supreme Court is hearing arguments Monday over whether President Trump can alter the 2020 census numbers that determine each state's share of Electoral College... [Read More]
One must read to the end of The Washington Post's recent editorial headlined "Abolish the Electoral College," before hitting on the real reason the paper's... [Read More]
JOE BIDEN became President-Elect on November 7 this year, as decision desks around the world called the election in his favour, and handed him 309... [Read More]
President Donald Trump recently told reporters he would concede the 2020 election should the Electoral College vote for President-Elect Joe Biden in December. [Read More]
Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., on Sunday declined to refer to Joe Biden as president-elect, saying there's no such job until after the Electoral College votes.... [Read More]
Convinced the court will either be unwilling to review voter fraud, or unable to in the limited time before the electoral college votes, President Donald... [Read More]
I wrote yesterday about the state trial court injunction prohibiting the governor and secretary of state from taking any further steps to perfect certification of... [Read More]
Donald Trump has said he will leave the White House if Joe Biden is formally confirmed as the next US president by the electoral college.... [Read More]
Few people love the Electoral College. For good reason: it is a relic of Union governance acquiescing to Confederate demands and originally designed to squash... [Read More]
'I would appreciate attention to the coming media blitz regarding the "stolen election" in 20 states with Republican governors and assemblies who may ignore the... [Read More]
Believers in the deeply unfair and undemocratic Electoral College need to answer some simple questions. If their beloved system is so fair and democratic then... [Read More]
Among Maine's four electors are a 79-year-old Oxford Republican and an 18-year-old Democrat from North Yarmouth. [Read More]
The Electoral College helps to prevent fraud and stolen elections. Or, at least, that's one of the selling points that defenders of our system always... [Read More]
A recount in Wisconsin's largest county demanded by Republican ended Friday with Democratic President-elect Joe Biden gaining votes. After the recount in Milwaukee County, Biden... [Read More]
President Donald Trump will swing for the fences in his last immigration legal battle at the Supreme Court, where he claims authority for the first... [Read More]
A Pennsylvania judge who Nov. 25 blocked the state from going forward with additional steps that might be required to certify the state's presidential vote... [Read More]
A Pennsylvania state court judge has enjoined the governor and secretary of state from taking any further steps to perfect its certification of the election,... [Read More]
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