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Laura Hollis offers her take on media elites' defense of Jeffrey Toobin after Zoom performance... [Read More]
Saagar Enjeti discusses how corrupt elites behind America's most powerful institutions are furiously pulling strings to sway the 2020 election. [Read More]
The Bribin' Harris Ticket– An email released to FOX News shows Kamala Harris and several top Democrats were listed as "Key Domestic Contacts" for the... [Read More]
Some academics argue that unhappy elites lead to political instability... [Read More]
An op-ed writer ostensibly set out to answer the question but instead talked about only what Trump supporters think. [Read More]
The American government was originally intended to be of, by, and for the American people, but under the eight grueling years of the Obama-Biden Presidency,... [Read More]
A new book examines the narrative framework around internationalism that foreign-policy elites coined in the 1940s, and which has shaped the world we live in. [Read More]
Victor discusses the Biden scandals, advice to Candidate Trump, the mindset of the elites who found themselves on Toobin's smut-Zooming, and more. [Read More]
In the wake of mass protests that turned violent over the weekend, Chile is bracing for new turmoil before this Sunday's constitutional referendum in which... [Read More]
Since 1945, the U.S. pursuit of "dominance in the name of internationalism" has mainly served as a device for affirming the authority of foreign-policy elites, writes Andrew J.... [Read More]
The Bills showed they have plenty of issues that need addressing in their loss to the Chiefs on Monday as Kansas City used its run... [Read More]
Recent disputes at the Prado and Tate galleries show that the average person is no longer trusted to form their own opinions... [Read More]
Why can't they eat cake?(Image by bunnicula)   Details   DMCA More than 36 million Americans receive monthly food benefits...The upcoming cut targets... [Read More]
The term "banana republic" describes a politically unstable country. What often comes to mind when one hears the term is a Central American or African... [Read More]
Scott Lively cites 'cluster bombing' of Biden & Dem elites via Hunter-laptop revelations... [Read More]
The co-chair of Joe Biden's transition team hosted an elite group of Chinese officials linked to Hunter Biden at the Obama-era White House. [Read More]
Former "Cheers" star Kirstie Alley found herself being attacked by the liberal elites of Hollywood after she dared to endorse President Donald Trump on... [Read More]
Detached media elites can't escape reality, no matter how hard they try to dismiss urban violence. Now their distorted view has enveloped local news. [Read More]
The cruise ship has a familiar feel to those employed by Silicon Valley's technology companies with extensive facilities... [Read More]
Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon predicted that if President Trump loses re-election in 2020, he'll run again in 2024. 'I'll make this prediction... [Read More]
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