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The public asked for it, now they'll have it in 2 weeks time. [Read More]
Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have had a prickly relationship as they became the two richest people in the world. [Read More]
The stairway to the heavens starts in Texas. In 2003 a young Elon Musk was scouting for a suitable location to fulfil his dream of... [Read More]
The beta version of Tesla's "full self-driving" software to a small group on Oct. 20. [Read More]
Tesla's Elon Musk now wants to show the trucking industry—a risk-averse and thin-margin business with little patience for Silicon-Valley hype—will embrace a battery-powered vehicle. [Read More]
In this week's top stories, Twitter is set to relaunch its public verification program and wants your feedback, Elon Musk has officially become the world's... [Read More]
NEW YORK: Tesla Inc Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk said on Friday there will probably be a wider roll out of a new "Full Self... [Read More]
Tesla's Elon Musk was turned off motorcycles by a crash, but from icons like Harley Davidson to upstarts like Lime, electric bikes are becoming a... [Read More]
Tesla Inc Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk said on Friday there will probably be a wider roll out of a new "Full Self Driving" software... [Read More]
Elon Musk's electric-vehicle maker continues its amazing rise. Tesla's value is now so high that car-making profits alone, even looking out a decade and... [Read More]
Elon Musk, the Tesla boss and CEO of SpaceX, has jumped to second place in the rankings of global wealth with a net worth of... [Read More]
Rory Cellan-Jones asks why Elon Musk's brand is worth more than five auto giants put together. [Read More]
Next week, Elon Musk says his SpaceX company will attempt to fly its prototype Starship rocket – designed to one day take people to Mars... [Read More]
The market cap of Elon Musk's company Tesla just passed Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway. It's another milestone for Musk and the company. [Read More]
Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Maja Hitij/Getty... [Read More]
A view of the Marathon Petroleum Corp's Los Angeles Refinery in Carson, California, April 25, 2020 ... [Read More]
Elon Musk has a net worth of $7.2 billion, surpassing Microsoft founder Bill Gates and trailing behind only Amazon's Jeff Bezos. [Read More]
Starship will fly 15 kilometres (50,000 feet) into the air. Previous prototypes have only made short hops of a few hundred metres. [Read More]
According to experts, once hackers learn how to hack brain-computer interface tech like Neuralink, we'll be having bigger problems. [Read More]
The Mars-bound spacecraft is test flying next week to showcase all of its systems! [Read More]
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