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France is inducting Josephine Baker - Missouri-born cabaret dancer, French World War II spy and civil rights activist - into its Pantheon, the first Black... [Read More]
Emmanuel Macron's outbursts are seen by those who know him as an attempt to position himself as the saviour of the European Union... [Read More]
There was no justification for Emmanuel Macron's reaction to Boris Johnson's publication of his letter about the migrant crisis. [Read More]
SIR IAIN DUNCAN SMITH: Emmanuel Macron , like an angry five-year-old who has been caught out, threw a tantrum over the fact the PM had... [Read More]
DAVID MILIBAND blamed the migrant crisis in the Channel on Brexit, and also condemned Boris Johnson for 'infuriating' Emmanuel Macron. [Read More]
EMMANUEL Macron adopted a hard stance in his row with the UK over how to best tackle illegal immigration in the Channel to deflect critics... [Read More]
Damian Hinds says PM's published letter to Emmanuel Macron was 'exceptionally supportive' and insists 'partnership is strong'... [Read More]
EMMANUEL Macron's "petulant" ban on Britain taking part in talks to end the Channel migrant crisis met with an angry response yesterday. [Read More]
EMMANUEL MACRON has been warned that he will have blood on his hands if he refuses to reconsider his latest move in the ongoing row... [Read More]
EMMANUEL MACRON and France made a lame effort to bash Brexit Britain amid the ongoing dispute over migrant Channel crossings. [Read More]
A Home Office minister has insisted that relations between France and the UK are "strong" despite Boris Johnson and President Emmanuel Macron clashing over how... [Read More]
A FORMER top-level advisor to Emmanuel Macron clashed with Andrew Pierce on LBC after the Frenchman repeatedly tried to turn a conversation about the Channel... [Read More]
EMMANUEL Macron must act or face a furious backlash as French drone laws are preventing law enforcement from tackling people smugglers, a senior MP and... [Read More]
Ms Patel, 49, was due to meet President Emmanuel Macron to discuss the crisis, but the French government cancelled the meeting in a fit of... [Read More]
EMMANUEL MACRON is not in a conciliatory position as he needs to appear strong prior to the 2022 presidential election, a former British ambassador has... [Read More]
You report (November 26) that President Emmanuel Macron urged our Prime Minister "to refrain from exploiting a tragic situation for political ends". [Read More]
The Voice of the Mirror believes instead of putting aside their differences Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron are "playing politics with a human tragedy" after... [Read More]
DEJA VU can be a terrible thing, especially when it involves the death of people. But that is what I felt this week when I... [Read More]
Insults, swipes and finger pointing have become hallmarks of Anglo-French relations in recent months, so how did it get to this? [Read More]
It is too easy to blame the Channel crossings on Emmanuel Macron. Until we address judicial overreach at home, nothing much will change... [Read More]
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