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Kamala Harris' pick advances the nation's incomplete march toward equal justice. [Read More]
Based on new job postings posted in China, Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) is hinting at working on a new car model made in the country, Electrek reports.Job... [Read More]
The increase in deaths in New York City during the early months of the covid-19 pandemic rivals the death toll there at the peak of... [Read More]
The heat is going to complicate life during the pandemic for the coming week as struggling businesses take yet another hit. [Read More]
The contact hypothesis in psychology predicts that prejudice can be reduced when rival groups come together under optimal circumstances of cooperation and equal status. To... [Read More]
The wage gap between white men and all women for doing the same work is a widespread problem. [Read More]
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According to Forbes, it takes a black woman 590 days to make as much as her male counterpart does in 365. That day is commemorated... [Read More]
Since 2018, Rose has been pushing for a bill that would expand the definition of employer under the city's Human Rights Law to provide greater... [Read More]
The day highlights how underpaid Black women are relative to white men. For comparison, Equal Pay Day for women overall was March 31 this year. [Read More]
In her new book, She will Rise, Katie Hill details overcoming obstacles holding women back from achieving equal representation. [Read More]
Digital content is on track to equal half of Earth's mass by 2245, according to new research. The research by Dr. Melvin Vopson, a senior... [Read More]
Today is Black Women's Equal Pay Day, the day when Black women's salaries finally catch up to their white male counterparts'. A typical Black woman... [Read More]
As we commemorate Black Women's Equal Pay Day, let us reflect on the glaring differences between Black women's current earnings in comparison to white male... [Read More]
Women for Economic and Leadership Development virtually hosted the Black Women's Equal Pay Day Forum on Thursday to discuss the pursuit of equality... [Read More]
"State of Black Women in Corporate America" report, released on Black Women's Equal Pay Day, says the workplace is worse for Black women. [Read More]
Who is the enemy? What is the crime? Who are the criminals? Angry, justifiably aggrieved people of the United States of America, peacefully demonstrating... [Read More]
The average Black woman in the US has to work an extra 226 days to earn what a white man earns in a year. [Read More]
According to a think tank, the difference between the median yearly earnings is $23,000 in New York, nearly $31,000 in Connecticut, and more than $34,500... [Read More]
IT will be incomprehensible for today's fans to understand that because of an accepted colour bar, black men were banned from fighting for British titles... [Read More]
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