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The growth rate of the eurozone came in at 1.2 percent in 2019 and the European Commission is projecting that growth will drop to 1.1... [Read More]
Germany's economy stagnated in the final quarter of last year, holding back eurozone growth and prompting fears that the Continent's largest economy could slip into... [Read More]
THE EUROZONE risks an out-of-control crisis after growth plummeted to a seven-year low, and key players like France and Germany dragged down the entire European... [Read More]
CORONAVIRUS fears have already threatened to send the eurozone into financial catastrophe, but as China remains the epicentre of the crisis, economies around the world... [Read More]
THE EUROZONE has recorded its weakest growth in seven years as the crumbling German economy continues to stagnate amid Brexit and the US-China trade row. [Read More]
Germany's economy stagnated in the final quarter of last year, holding back eurozone growth and prompting fears that Europe's largest economy could slip into recession.A... [Read More]
Rolling coverage of the latest economic and financial news, including the latest eurozone growth figures... [Read More]
The eurozone suffered its weakest growth since the debt crisis at the end of last year with economists warning the coronavirus will inflict more pain... [Read More]
Growth ground to a halt at the end of the year in Germany, Europe´s largest economy, as manufacturing remained in a slump and exports fell. [Read More]
The European Commission on Thursday maintained its eurozone growth forecast at 1.2 percent for 2020 and 2021, but warned Brexit and... [Read More]
EUROPEAN markets have tumbled as fears of a Eurozone recession have caused the currency to plummet. [Read More]
Industry in the eurozone suffered a dramatic collapse in production in December as output levels dived 4. [Read More]
In a demonstration of the insatiable appetite for anything sporting a positive yield, the Greek government's cost to borrow money for over a decade fell... [Read More]
A leading credit rating agency has said that the coronavirus outbreak will knock up to 0.2 percentage points off UK and eurozone growth this year... [Read More]
At a time when there is a surplus of money washing around the world seeking a home, it would be mad not to place some... [Read More]
European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde is urging governments to get more involved in supporting the tepid eurozone economy through targeted spending and business-friendly reforms.... [Read More]
It's becoming ever clearer that eurozone manufacturing is in recession even if the eurozone economy as a whole is just about managing to keep growing.... [Read More]
A significant fall in retail sales isn't exactly what we would look for to show the health of an economy. Yet we shouldn't worry about... [Read More]
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