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Three Las Vegas men were arrested last week after a traffic stop by Nash County deputies uncovered evidence of drug trafficking, resulting in the seizure... [Read More]
"They haven't definitively made a causal link. What they've seen now is an association that seems to be getting a little bit stronger evidence." [Read More]
On Wednesday, Reps. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) without evidence accused the FBI of orchestrating the January 6 mob attack on the... [Read More]
A second woman gives evidence of allegedly being indecently assaulted. [Read More]
A new antibody testing study published on June 15 has found further evidence that the coronavirus was present in the United States from at least... [Read More]
Jurors are deliberating whether or not the neighbor who once lived across the street from three murder victims is responsible for their deaths. [Read More]
Evidence unearthed in a court case in Georgia today shows that failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams oversaw the staffing for the 2020 Election in Georgia. ... [Read More]
Timey Ann Cole is accused of tampering with evidence and what the Sheriff's Office called "Abuse of a Corpse" in the ongoing murder case of... [Read More]
If authentic, the quote would be an example of a high-profile politician siding with alien enthusiasts who believe top U.S. intelligence officials aren't sharing everything... [Read More]
George Gascón promised during his campaign to review past police shootings. The outside panel will examine fatal shootings to see if there is evidence that... [Read More]
After his extraordinary testimony to MPs three weeks ago, it appeared that Dominic Cummings lacked the evidence to substantiate his most damning allegations of incompetence,... [Read More]
There are several notable things already apparent beyond John's observation on the slobbering media coverage of the Biden-Putin midget-summit just below. It may be some time... [Read More]
Election processes in Georgia's most populous county were badly managed, sloppy and chaotic, but there was no evidence of fraud, said an independent monitor who... [Read More]
The former leader of the National Nuclear Security Administration in congressional testimony Wednesday said expected delays in plutonium pit production, namely at the Savannah River... [Read More]
At the bottom of most every polygraph report is an important disclaimer: Polygraphs are an investigative tool. They should not be treated as evidence. [Read More]
Evidence unearthed in a court case in Georgia today shows that failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams oversaw the staffing for the 2020 Election in Georgi... [Read More]
(WHDH)– Prosecutors across the state are taking breathalyzer tests out of evidence in trials.At least five district attorneys say they will no longer present these... [Read More]
A Winter Street man accused of murdering another man by beating him with a pipe will remain held without bail. Diecryk Garcia, 35, was indicted by... [Read More]
UPDATE: Day 3, Wednesday, June 16: A previously unreported piece of evidence came to light on the third day of the trial of Melody Glascock.... [Read More]
A Haverhill woman admitted Wednesday in court that prosecutors had evidence to prove she had mischaracterized tree workers as part of a lower-risk landscape crew... [Read More]
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