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As marijuana is increasingly being legalized in US states, daily marijuana use among pregnant women is rising, despite evidence that this could harm their babies.... [Read More]
The mood in markets seems tightly linked to evidence about the spread of the new coronavirus pandemic. [Read More]
Gov. Tom Wolf on Monday announced that his statewide shutdowns of schools and non-essential businesses will continue indefinitely until there's evidence that the state has... [Read More]
Gov. Tom Wolf announced Monday that his statewide shutdowns of schools and non-essential businesses will continue indefinitely until there's evidence that the state has successfully... [Read More]
The millions of doses of chloroquine donated to the federal stockpile can now be used to treat COVID-19 patients. At the same time, pharmacists are... [Read More]
Be the firt to show proof and get the reward! [Read More]
A $1 Million reward is up for grabs for anyone who can provide legit evidence of smear campaign against Houseparty. [Read More]
There is ample evidence that some of the biggest corporations have taken advantage of the current market situation, supported by the Federal Reserve, and raised... [Read More]
Houseparty, the video sharing app, is offering a $1m (£810,750) reward to anyone who has evidence that it was the victim of a 'hacking smear... [Read More]
THOUSANDS of Houseparty users have claimed hackers used the video chat app to gain access to their other online accounts, including Spotify and Netflix. But... [Read More]
Even before the Covid-19 crisis, later-stage investor, Highland Europe was keen to see evidence that prospective investee companies were managing cash well. Today. As the... [Read More]
Epic Games, the developer behind Houseparty, is offering a $1 million (£810,750) reward for evidence that the app was the victim of a commercial smear... [Read More]
An appeals court on Monday reversed the convictions of a Wooster man who was found guilty of molesting a 5-year-old girl.  Anthony Bryant, 34,... [Read More]
Over the weekend, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an emergency authorization for the use of  hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and chloroquine (CQ) to treat hospitalized COVID-19... [Read More]
Go ahead and pour yourself another cup — or three. [Read More]
PEOPLE following advice to stay at home is showing early evidence that it is helping combat the coronavirus pandemic, the UK's chief scientific adviser has... [Read More]
★★☆☆☆On the evidence of this feature documentary Meghan, Duchess of Sussex is swapping pomp and circumstance for schmaltz and cheesiness. The departing duchess narrates Disney's... [Read More]
We are staying home or social distancing, washing our hands more, and using hand sanitizer. Are there also precautions we can be taking at the... [Read More]
President Donald Trump suggested there may be thousands of surgical masks going 'out the back door,' although he didn't provide evidence for his claim. [Read More]
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