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A Facebook group that organizers said was started to help worried folks find businesses that were using facemasks has set off a community uproar with... [Read More]
BORIS Johnson is today under fire for deciding to force people to wear facemasks in shops our months into the pandemic – and waiting another... [Read More]
The Queen and Sir David Attenborough should be encouraged to pose in masks to help to normalise them, a government adviser has suggested.Britons are much... [Read More]
Britain, much like the cabinet, appears split on the need to mandate the wearing of facemasks to stop the spread of the coronavirus.In the narrow... [Read More]
More than nine out ten bus and train passengers wore a facemask yesterday as penalties were introduced, according to the National Transport Authority.Doubt remains about... [Read More]
Facemasks will become compulsory in shops from a week on Friday, with £100 fines for those who do not cover up.Boris Johnson brought an end... [Read More]
BRITONS must wear facemasks in shops it has been announced, but how much is the fine for not wearing face masks? [Read More]
Oakley has developed a new shield for the inside of facemasks that it believes will help NFL players prevent the spread of coronavirus this season.... [Read More]
Confusion over rules on facemasks and returning to work deepened this morning when a cabinet minister said coverings should "perhaps" be mandatory in shops.Boris Johnson... [Read More]
10 boxes of facemasks were stolen from a COVID-19 testing site in Salisbury, according to a police report. [Read More]
MASKS are set to become compulsory in shops in England within days, Boris Johnson suggested today. After days of chaos and confused messages from ministers,... [Read More]
Sunny Development New Zealand arrives for two big projects. [Read More]
One of China's largest developers has arrived in New Zealand for two big Auckland projects worth $189 million and has given away facemasks and hand... [Read More]
With the increasing trend toward regulations and official mandates requiring individuals to wear facemasks in public and when unable to socially distance, local retail stores... [Read More]
MICHAEL Gove today urged people to wear facemasks in shops and other enclosed places – but said they would NOT be mandatory. The Cabinet minister... [Read More]
Prime Minister to tell the Commons about the plan within the next few days after it became compulsory in Scotland... [Read More]
After suffering a record-high numbers of COVID-19 cases last month, Ames City Council will discuss and explore the option of imposing suspensions and criminal sanctions... [Read More]
With NC State requiring students and faculty to wear masks in the coming fall semester, the last problem we need is for people to continue... [Read More]
The American Electric Power Foundation is donating $120,000 to United Way organizations in West Virginia, Virginia and Tennessee to prov... [Read More]
To the Editor:Holding rallies and not wearing a facemask during a time of the COVID-19 pandemic is a direct confrontation with nature. And nature... [Read More]
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