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Editor: Bandanas as masks? We have watched scenes like this play out in films. Yet, the wealthiest, most powerful country in the world is resorting... [Read More]
As the Jurassic Park films made abundantly clear, raptors were not to be trifled with, owing to their medium build, speed, and agility. A newly... [Read More]
The brand is launching weekly takeovers on its Instagram introducing followers to new films, artists, recipes, and more. [Read More]
One of the Friday The 13th Sequels Was Jokingly Labeled By Producers and Fans as 'FriGay the 13th' Who doesn't enjoy a good horror movie?... [Read More]
Of the nearly two dozen films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, one of the more difficult entries... [Read More]
Disney is one of the media companies most threatened by the coronavirus because of its large theme park and theatrical businesses. [Read More]
His low-budget movies, notably the cult favorite "Re-Animator," combined grisly body horror with a mordant sense of humor. [Read More]
She appeared in films by Antonioni and Buñuel before marrying the bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguín, then resumed her career after they split up. [Read More]
Cast of Contagion Films Coronavirus Public Service Announcement... [Read More]
As we all search for things to do while stuck in our homes, know that Disney Plus has many, many hours of content for space... [Read More]
For some unfortunate reasons, May Leung is an anomaly in the world of visual effects supervision. While there are plenty of women in the world... [Read More]
Ryan Reynolds is in talks to star in and produce a live-action feature adaptation of the '80s arcade game "Dragon's Lair" for Netflix. Roy Lee... [Read More]
The world of horror is vast. With so many films across the spectrum of budget, studio involvement, quality, availability, and, above all else, pure scare-the-living-s***-out-of-you-ness,... [Read More]
Well, we're all becoming more familiar with our living rooms and focusing on a good movie is a good way to pass the time there.... [Read More]
"We're taking every precaution we can." [Read More]
After the folk-pop-rock-country band called The Band went through its final breakup — their last live show featuring all five members was documented in the 1978... [Read More]
Feast your eyes or sharpen your brain, from a distance. [Read More]
The Thin Line Fest and Dallas VideoFest offer films and real-time Q&A's for those sheltering in place. [Read More]
Feeling cooped up yet? Burned through Netflix already? [Read More]
True Thompson is one happy camper in quarantine! The toddler looked so cute as she danced around rocking a hoodie from cousin Stormi Webster's birthday... [Read More]
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