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President Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner is facing some sharp criticism over what his detractors believe was a textbook example of a lack... [Read More]
The conservative network named him the "Power Player of the Week." [Read More]
Eight days out from a presidential election, the president of Fox News and key members of... [Read More]
Multiple Fox News on-air personalities, along with the network's president, have been advised to quarantine after being in close proximity to someone on a plane... [Read More]
Rapper Ice Cube has defended his co-working effort with President Donald Trump on his Black Economic Empowerment 'Platinum Plan' saying, 'I'm not playing politics with... [Read More]
Bret Baier, Martha MacCallum, Dana Perino and Juan Williams to host their shows remotely, New York Times reports... [Read More]
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said that the government could provide four-year college educations for $150 billion, only for his campaign to later admit it... [Read More]
Martha MacCallum, Bret Baier, Dana Perino and Juan Williams among those reportedly exposed to Covid-19 on charter plane following the final presidential debates... [Read More]
Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel provides insight into rising coronavirus cases in Europe, the number of hospitalizations in the U.S. and members of... [Read More]
You have a potential president in Joe Biden who could be in the 'back pocket' of one of the nuclear powered enemies of the U.S.,... [Read More]
Several on-air personalities and the Fox News president shared a private flight with a passenger who later tested positive for COVID-19. [Read More]
Fox News Media President Jay Wallace and several of the network's top personalities have reportedly been told to quarantine themselves... [Read More]
The exposure happened on a private jet back to New York after last week's presidential debate in Nashville, two sources told The New York Times. [Read More]
The Village Striders are organizing a fundraiser to help one of their own members, Ron Peck, recovering from a serious accident. Peck and... [Read More]
As Last Week Tonight host and sewage plant namesake John Oliver put it in his report on the asylum process in Donald Trump's America, "focused,... [Read More]
Arizona Cardinals' wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins stuck his middle fingers up at a Trump convoy while weaving in and out of traffic, the President's supporters... [Read More]
Where Biden and Trump have been spending big on TV... [Read More]
A Fox News investigation "found no role for Joe Biden" in the business dealing of his son, Hunter, the network said on Sunday. [Read More]
On today's episode of 'Fox News Sunday', Chris Wallace discusses President Trump's response to the rising number of coronavirus cases; plus, Biden leads Michigan in... [Read More]
The president of Fox News and several of its anchors and on air personalities were advised to quarantine after possible exposure to COVID-19, The New... [Read More]
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