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Cara Parker/The Landing and Kathy Griffin-Grinan/Founder of Our Roadway to Freedom, join the Factor Uncensored to discuss the resources for survivors to get a fresh... [Read More]
Legislation that would survey university students on whether competing ideas and perspectives are presented and welcomed on campus passed its first committee stop today. Sen.... [Read More]
Women in the United States Army are now allowed more freedom in their appearance while in their combat uniforms. During a press conference Tuesday, major... [Read More]
Judge Michael D. Nelson ordered #WalkAway founder Brandon Straka released from prison on Tuesday following his arrest by federal officials on Monday in Nebraska. Brandon... [Read More]
  It's not something being forced on you. It's being asked of you. For your own health and safety, and everyone around you. Nobody has... [Read More]
Long stalwart defenders of the First Amendment, the American media are now having second thoughts. For decades, it was a commonplace sentiment among journalists that... [Read More]
The Biden administration could find common cause with religious conservatives who worry about the state of their co-religionists abroad. [Read More]
Far from being the enemy of the people, the news media is a prime pillar of freedom and democracy. When the Sun Journal reports facts,... [Read More]
Remember to order your Girl Scout cookies from Tava and Anya Nicol. The cookies are scheduled to arrive in the valley in mid-February. Go to... [Read More]
To the editor:National COVID-19 leadership failure began in March 2020. The president told us, "it's not my responsibility" and pushed responses off to state governors.... [Read More]
What follows here is a story about a politician from the extreme left, a politician from the far-right and a painting replete with anti-Semitic tropes... [Read More]
"Camp Auschwitz," the shirt said. "Work brings freedom." It was one of the most haunting images from the Capitol riot earlier this month, a bearded... [Read More]
Military members and their families can get admission to the parks all year without blockout dates. [Read More]
Universal Orlando is offering military members a special annual pass. It's called the 2021 Military Freedom Pass Promotional Ticket. [Read More]
The night before a Trump-inspired mob attacked the Capitol, the assembled masses at Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C. chanted the... [Read More]
The bill, introduced by Rep. Dan Eubanks (R) and Rep. Dana Criswell (R) gives each individual the freedom to decide if the vaccine is right... [Read More]
Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country's leading infectious disease expert, is the highest paid employee in the federal government, according to data made available from a... [Read More]
The couple say they have camped at places more interesting than a Covid-19 testing station... [Read More]
Universal Orlando is now offering the first-ever Military Freedom Pass for active, and retired military members and their families. [Read More]
The New American covers news on politics economy culture and more based on the U.S. Constitution so that freedom shall not perish. [Read More]
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