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Actor Vin Diesel made a mark as the street racer patriarch in the "Fast and Furious" franchise, but the storyline starring his longstanding character will... [Read More]
A furious Bill Maher has slammed Kevin Hart for his 'ridiculous' claim that 'white power and white privilege' is at an 'all-time high', as he... [Read More]
Willie Walsh says travel approach is politically, rather than medically driven, and based on a belief that it will garner votes from public... [Read More]
When the coronavirus began its furious march around the globe, leaving illness, death and... [Read More]
Callum Watkinson, reporting for ITV Central News, was furious at being distracted by the man as he tried to give a piece to camera and... [Read More]
BORIS JOHNSON is treating G7 to a BBQ tonight, with leaders and their partners making the most of the Cornish sun. [Read More]
Latinx audiences, key to the success of "Fast and Furious," are Hollywood's most dependable customers. Now they're helping movie theaters bounce back after COVID-19. Will... [Read More]
Vin Diesel has explained why he believes now is the right time to start drawing the Fast & Furious franchise to an end. [Read More]
Theresa May launched a furious attack on Boris Johnson's coronavirus policy – thank goodness she stayed in the House of Commons... [Read More]
From its humble beginnings, The Fast and the Furious has become one of the most successful franchises in Hollywood, delivering car-based action on an increasingly... [Read More]
Director-producer Justin Lin says he wanted to "correct something that was very wrong" in the "Fast and Furious" movie franchise following the fan-led #JusticeForHan campaign... [Read More]
MCDONALD'S customers have been left furious thanks to a nationwide shortage of the hugely popular Chicken Selects. Big Flavour Chicken Wraps and the Chicken Deluxe... [Read More]
EMMANUEL MACRON once hit out at Brussels, claiming too much English is spoken in the EU. [Read More]
A FURIOUS Gibraltarian has called on his countrymen to boycott Spain after border chaos created long delays yesterday. [Read More]
Vin Diesel made a mark as the street racer patriarch in the "Fast and Furious" franchise, but the storyline starring his longstanding character will soon... [Read More]
The ninth installment of the popular action franchise is set to hit cinemas on June 25... [Read More]
While giving himself a massage. [Read More]
Rick McDonald's mother was "furious," he said, when she found he'd spent $213 buying a brand new Raleigh Grand Sport at Wheel Sport Bikes on... [Read More]
A furious sheriff, Sheriff Bradshaw, condemned the friends and family of a gunman who murdered a grandmother and her one year-old grandson for not reporting... [Read More]
No doubt tempers were running high. Republicans were furious that Democrats killed a controversial voting restrictions bill by walking out of the Capitol in the... [Read More]
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