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Samsung's newest flagship, the $1,380 Galaxy Z Flip, might actually be the first foldable phone worth buying. The company gave me a Flip to use... [Read More]
A YouTuber tried to scratch up Samsung's ultrathin glass screen on the new foldable Z Flip phone. Apparently it scratches as easily as plastic. But... [Read More]
From The Daily Charge: We discuss why a glass display matters when it comes to foldables. [Read More]
The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip lays out a welcome mat for dust and debris. But while the hinge gap is concerning, it is impressive that... [Read More]
Samsung is facing pressure after reviews of its new foldable phone reveals that it may not be be that durable. Yahoo Finance's Dan Howley breaks... [Read More]
Samsung is reportedly working with another manufacturer to make the Ultra-Thin Glass technology available for other foldable smartphones... [Read More]
iFixit recently disassembled a new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and concluded that the device will be very difficult and costly to repair... [Read More]
Samsung has added some ads to the Galaxy Z Flip's phone app, but critics have argued it shouldn't do so on such an expensive phone.... [Read More]
Samsung made a big noise about its latest folding smartphone, the Galaxy Z Flip, but a durability test does not make for happy viewing. [Read More]
The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is the first folding phone with a glass display — an impressive feat, though so far, it hasn't exactly proven... [Read More]
The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip got announced less than two weeks ago, and the very first concept design of its successor already surfaced. The Galaxy... [Read More]
The iFixit repair experts tested how purple powder mixed with the foldable phone. [Read More]
Tests suggest that fibers in the hinge of Samsung's new Galaxy Z Flip can't keep dust out. [Read More]
The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is facing some new controversy over its use of glass in advertising. The spec sheet claims that the display is... [Read More]
"We pushed mobile engineering to its limits to create," the Galaxy Z Flip said Samsung's head of UK product marketing Rebecca Hirst on stage last... [Read More]
Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip was billed as the first folding phone with a glass display, but thanks to a "protective layer," the top-most surface you... [Read More]
After using the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip for a few days, it's tough not to fall in love all over again with the flip phone.... [Read More]
Eager to own Samsung's foldable Galaxy Z Flip? We don't blame you. Deciding on which color to get can be a tricky task, so we're... [Read More]
You should have exactly zero reasons to buy the Motorola Razr now that the Galaxy Z Flip is out. Samsung has a cheaper, faster, more... [Read More]
Foldable handsets such as Samsung's first Galaxy Fold and the new Galaxy Z Flip, as well as the Motorola Razr reboot feature flexible displays that... [Read More]
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