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A Black woman who was fatally shot by a North Carolina police officer nearly six years ago is one of 87 people honored through an... [Read More]
Video recorded by the employee went viral in the days after George Floyd's death at the hands of police in Minneapolis... [Read More]
Losing a job and losing a life is not a fair exchange. [Read More]
Activists are hopeful but cautious as president acknowledges ground shifted in the US after the police killing of George Floyd... [Read More]
Researchers studying injuries sustained by protesters and bystanders in the Twin Cities following the killing of George Floyd say "less-lethal" projectile weapons like rubber bullets... [Read More]
A police officer has been charged with a criminal offence for allegedly sharing a meme of George Floyd in a private message group. [Read More]
Two more men have pleaded guilty to federal arson charges for their roles in a fire that damaged a Minneapolis police station during civil unrest... [Read More]
A Minnesota man has pleaded guilty to setting a fire inside the Minneapolis police precinct amid protests sparked by the officer-involved death of George Floyd. [Read More]
2020, the year like no other, was a banner year for gun sales in America. Gun sales in the spring of last year increased as a... [Read More]
The Harvey Police Department is looking to expand its non-lethal force options following the death of George Floyd last summer. Chief Robert Collins Jr. watched... [Read More]
Black Lives Matter rioted, vandalized national monuments and destroyed federal property in June 2020 during the George Floyd riots in Washingon DC. At least one... [Read More]
A 25-year-old Minnesota man pleaded guilty Friday after authorities accused him of helping set fire to the Third Precinct headquarters of the Minneapolis Police Department last May. [Read More]
The vibrant George Floyd mural surrounding Apple Pioneer Place in Portland, Oregon will live on under the care of nonprofit Don't Shoot PDX. Apple donated... [Read More]
The mural took on historic significance last summer as it became a national symbol of the protests and unrest over police violence. [Read More]
The bill is the result of months of hearings and discussions with all interested parties, efforts that began last summer after the murder of George... [Read More]
Think back to the spring and summer of 2020. In the aftermath of George Floyd's death in Minneapolis, Black Lives Matter protests broke out across... [Read More]
About eight months after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis touched off nationwide protests, a Florida state senator has filed a bill that targets... [Read More]
The murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin for the death of George Floyd will not be impacted by an extended hold on jury... [Read More]
About eight months after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis touched off nationwide protests, a Florida state senator has filed a bill that targets... [Read More]
With the Biden administration embarking on its first 100 days in office, the new president has promised to make police reform a part of his... [Read More]
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