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Amazon. Facebook. Apple. Google. [Read More]
The rash of bogus conspiracy theories tying the COVID-19 pandemic to 5G has led to cell tower arson and threats against engineers, and YouTube is... [Read More]
Google first revealed an updated line of Pixel Buds in October of last year, but there's still no firm release date beyond "spring." A product... [Read More]
Alright so i couldnt figure this out myself and google also didnt help, neither did a restart. What i did was try to shrink a... [Read More]
No, Google, I want Corvid-19—not Covid-19. [Read More]
They can also reveal symptoms that at first went undetected. I may have found a new one. [Read More]
While some of us spend very little time on the phone, it's still very important that we can make and respond to calls in the... [Read More]
Google collects troves of user data with Gmail, Maps and other apps. And Google parent Alphabet is getting even more through Verily's COVID screening site. [Read More]
Google will start rolling back a controversial Chrome change in more disruption to schedules amid the COVID-19 crisis. [Read More]
When two Union Grove High School teachers began training in Google learning tools five years ago, they had no idea how vital that knowledge would... [Read More]
In Morgan and Greene counties, people are skipping the shopping and recreation in large numbers. In Jersey County, groceries and pharmacies are seeing... [Read More]
TODAY'S Google Doodle sees the letters enjoying themselves at home, with the tagline: "Stay Home, Stay Safe: Save Lives". So here's our guide on how... [Read More]
Materials shipped to home; taught through Google Hangouts... [Read More]
As numbers of COVID-19 cases continue to rise across the planet, so do Google searches on the word 'prayer.'... [Read More]
Area superintendents said their systems will use several internet platforms, such as Google Classroom, as well as paper-and-pencil packets to teach students when instruction resumes... [Read More]
The Porterville Unified School District (PUSD) has launched ParentSquare, which is a collaborative school-home communication platform. This gives parents the chance to actively participate in... [Read More]
Punching "coach coronavirus" into simple Google search offers glimpse into our crisis... [Read More]
Although the city of Midland has not issued a shelter-in-place order, a Google report using cell phone location histories to track a community's response to... [Read More]
Banner ads. Who needs them, right? They just make the site hard to read. Advertisement - story continues below We at WND hear this all... [Read More]
I'm a fourth grade teacher at Carrie Ricker School in Litchfield. I have been sharing video read-alouds and keeping in touch via emails and phone... [Read More]
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