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MERCER COUNTY, W.Va.(WVVA)- A man arrested in 2018 for exposing his genitals inside of a Walmart store could be spending the next five years in... [Read More]
WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Little Lola, a Maltese Yorkshire terrier cross, sustained horrific injuries including broken ribs and a punctured lung after an unprovoked attack... [Read More]
WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Mother-of-one Khuntai Chatthai, 28, has been named locally as the victim of today's execution-style killing in the Thai capital. [Read More]
Warning: graphic content. The first police officer on the scene of an alleged murder has described what he found as part of the trial... [Read More]
WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT The Valentine's Day-themed artwork showed up on the side of a rental home in Bristol on Thursday morning, but it's since been... [Read More]
The builder was working on a site in the town of Abu Ghosh, Israel, when he fell onto metal rods and was taken to hospital... [Read More]
GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING. Cheyenne Mottishaw, 23, was outside Honeycomb nightclub in Sheffield during the attack which left her with a fractured jaw, split lip and... [Read More]
WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Sadick Ebrahim, 52, suffered a stroke that left him immobile and unable to talk and his livid son said he found maggots... [Read More]
WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Malik Hussain, 35, was knifed inside a car before being dragged onto the street in Birmingham and stamped on. Haseeb Mirza, 26,... [Read More]
The shocking accident left adorable Elsie's owner Sue Creedy fearing the worst... [Read More]
GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: It can be so beautiful on the eye but football isn't always easy on the body with plenty of players ending up... [Read More]
WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Dr Pimple Popper got more than she bargained with when she popped this monster-sized cyst – getting sprayed with pus all up... [Read More]
WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT: Michigan police released a video showing the moment a toddler nearly drowned at a pool while surrounded by more than a dozen... [Read More]
Samson Erinle from Ogun in Ghana got the idea to take the dead man's head from reading a book of spells and rituals, raiding the... [Read More]
U. S. Rep. Anthony Brindisi met with other members or Congress and representatives of social media companies Wednesday to address the "Pandora's box" of graphic... [Read More]
GRAPHIC CONTENT: Watch the horrific moment men apparently under orders from their community leader appear to bludgeon a dog to death to combat coronavirus outbreak. [Read More]
Raw video: Makati police release shocking footage of a driver plowing through a group of students crossing the street in Manila, Philippines. A 14-year-old student... [Read More]
The third dolphin found brutally slaughtered in several months off the coast of Florida has sparked a major operation to find out what happened after... [Read More]
WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Officials at the Wilbarger Humane Society are asking for information on an incident where a stray black cat was shot with a... [Read More]
WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT BELOW Heather Hartbottle, 49, was moving boxes into her new home when she got a tiny paper cut. But after a number... [Read More]
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