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We know when the HBO Max-Discovery streaming service will launch, but not how much it will cost. [Read More]
No one is prepared for the '90 Day FiancÃ... [Read More]
At the moment, it's unclear how this will affect your monthly streaming bill. [Read More]
HBO Max and Discovery Plus apps will be rolled into one catalog by next year, giving consumers the best of both platforms in the wake... [Read More]
Look out Disney, Amazon, and Netflix, Warner Bros. is coming for your subscribers. [Read More]
According to Android Authority (via Variety) HBO Max and Discovery Plus will merge to form one streaming service. The merger will happen in the summer... [Read More]
The headline of Warner Bros. Discovery's earnings call was something a lot of people dreaded: HBO Max and Discovery+ are merging into a new service.... [Read More]
Plus: Dispatches from "The 90 Day Fiancé Universe" and bad news for kids' animation... [Read More]
The head of Warner Bros. Discovery's streaming services announced on Thursday the company is merging HBO Max and Discovery+ into one streaming app next summer.... [Read More]
The prestige streaming service wasn't axed, but the era of streaming-only movies appears to be receding... [Read More]
The Warner Bros. Discovery merger is also combining its streaming app for next year. [Read More]
They dropped a timeline. [Read More]
Warner Bros. Discovery is gearing up for big changes on the streaming front. [Read More]
Warner Bros. Discovery announces that HBO Max, Discovery+ will merge into a single streaming service set to roll out in the U.S. next summer. [Read More]
Warner Bros. Discovery Inc said on Thursday it would merge the HBO Max streaming service with Discovery+ as a single offering, combining... [Read More]
Figuring that the whole of a combined HBO Max-Discovery+ is greater than its streaming... [Read More]
The anticipated release window for the merger of HBO Max and discovery+ was announced by Warner... [Read More]
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