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The popular trivia quiz app, HQ Trivia, is having a bit of an up-and-down week. [Read More]
HQ Trivia made a name for itself with live trivia games offering real cash prizes, but over the last year, interest in the app has... [Read More]
The popular quiz show's cofounder said the mobile app, which launched in 2017, might live on after it shut down over the weekend. [Read More]
Following earlier reports that beleaguered game app HQ Trivia was finally shutting down for good after failing to secure funding, founder Rus Yusupov says the... [Read More]
But it's "not a done deal." [Read More]
The company behind HQ Trivia shut down in dramatic fashion last week. However, the live game-show app may yet live on according, to CEO Rus... [Read More]
The app sensation has drawn millions of players and awarded $6m in prize money... [Read More]
Hope you cashed out! [Read More]
The mega-popular quiz app first launched in the summer of 2017... [Read More]
Arby's takes swipe at McDonald's with fish sandwich campaign. Plus, game over for HQ Trivia. FOX's Tracee Carrasco joined us with the latest for our... [Read More]
The one popular live quiz app HQ Trivia is no more, after the company became bankrupt and laid of all the remaining staff. [Read More]
A once-mighty trivia app says goodbye, we try out Samsung's new foldable phone and Google shuts down its free Wi-Fi program in India. Not even... [Read More]
Plus, HQ Trivia ends with a 'drunken broadcast'... [Read More]
The company behind the popular mobile trivia game "HQ Trivia" is shutting down after losing its funding, reports say. [Read More]
In today's top stories, SpaceX attempts to deliver another 60 Starlink satellites, Google messes with Maps and HQ trivia says "so long, goodnight" [Read More]
An acquisition deal fell through and funding was pulled for the quiz app... [Read More]
The game had millions of people from around the world stop what they were doing twice a day to play a round of trivia on... [Read More]
The live mobile trivia game that handed out cash prizes for free is shutting down, according to CNN Business. The company is also laying off... [Read More]
The once-popular mobile quiz app officially shut down Friday, laying off 25 employees. [Read More]
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