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(EDITORS: Spoiler alert) [Read More]
Halloween director David Gordon Green touches on the future of a particular character in the franchise. [Read More]
Para a festa de lançamento de seu novo filme, Halloween Kills, Jamie Lee Curtis homenageou a sua falecida mãe, Janet Leigh, e se vestiu como... [Read More]
The saga of Michael Myers continues in "Halloween Kills," the continuation of the horror franchise first conceived by Bowling Green's own John Carpenter in 1978. [Read More]
The Real Housewives of Haddonfield are more than up to tipping a table or two if it means ridding the town of Michael Myers. [Read More]
Whatever, Haddonfield haters. [Read More]
It appears that Halloween Kills did great business in theaters and on Peacock over the weekend as streaming data suggests a killer debut. [Read More]
Here we are in the month of October and theaters are predictably promoting titles like Candyman and Halloween Kills. I've never been able to watch... [Read More]
The body count explodes in "Halloween Kills," the follow-up to the 2018 "Halloween" sequel/reboot that brought Jamie Lee Curtis back to fight killer Michael Myers. [Read More]
"Halloween Kills" lives up to its name and kills the prospects of this rebooted "Halloween" franchise. It was always destined to fall into the trappings... [Read More]
To me, there is no scarier villain in all of horror cinema than Michael Myers. The killer from 1978's "Halloween" is the epitome of soullessness,... [Read More]
Impressive prosthetic makeup effects allowed a late actor to return. [Read More]
Der Film versucht sich an Gesellschaftskritik, aber kennt am Ende doch keine Antwort außer Gewalt und Gedärmen. [Read More]
Not content with topping the box office, Halloween Kills has been drawing in huge viewing numbers on Peacock as well. [Read More]
Horror fans are labelling Michael Myers homophobic on social media after some controversial deaths in Halloween Kills. [Read More]
The staggering box office success of Halloween Kills actually says a lot about Peacock, and how people don't seem to be using it. [Read More]
We talked to Anthony Michael Hall about stepping into the shoes of Tommy, one of the kids that Laurie babysat, now all grown up and... [Read More]
On Oct. 15, Halloween Kills — the second installment in David Gordon Green's trilogy... [Read More]
"Halloween Kills" is the latest sequel in the horror series starring Jamie Lee Curtis. The 12th installment in the film franchise started by John Carpenter... [Read More]
Halloween Kills brought back a character from the original Halloween, and they did it without resorting to ghoulish CGI. [Read More]
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