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That's great, but WTF is sNEWSi?
Happy New Year! Like most people, I am excited to wish 2020 a farewell and welcome 2021.We are very excited at "Your" Lenawee Community Foundation.... [Read More]
Editor: Happy New Year. Just as the ball of lights slides down a flagpole on Times Square, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission hikes its tolls. Enough... [Read More]
Happy New Year! [Read More]
Happy New Year to Saratogian and Troy Record readers! The New York State Legislature's 2021 Legislative Session is now underway and I'm proud to continue... [Read More]
Happy New Year! As we enter 2021, my resolution is to get back on track with my Aggie Culture articles. If you have suggestions for... [Read More]
Happy New Year to you all. I have the following in a macro containing proc report but it says - WARNING: Apparent symbolic reference BIGN1... [Read More]
Happy New Year! We begin again! The New Year has finally arrived, giving us a chance to begin again, fresh with a new determination to... [Read More]
From my family to yours, Happy New Year, and I wish you all lots of joy and happiness to come your way in the year.... [Read More]
The covid-19 pandemic has forced much of higher education to rethink traditional approaches, and to explore new methods of learning and student support. [Read More]
Happy New Year! Like educators and families throughout Idaho, I'm looking forward to this new year with the hope that we will be able to... [Read More]
The saying "Happy New Year" this time around seems to have a whole new meaning. Is it really a happy one, though? Are all of... [Read More]
Happy New Year, everyone!   The bright yellow orb made every effort to jolt me up.  Little did she know I'd been awake all night.   2021,... [Read More]
Here we are, well into 2021. So, Happy New Year! Or maybe, "better" new year! OK, then, how about "sensible" new year? All right, let's... [Read More]
Hello, La Vernia Citizens! Happy New Year, everyone, and welcome 2021, which we are praying will be a year of recovery and prosperity! ... [Read More]
Happy New Year! Many are talking about returning to their workplace a few days a week… some have already made the move. Some can't wait... [Read More]
Happy New Year Dragons! Before spring semester classes begin on Monday, January 11, 2021, please take a look at the following reminders: As you... [Read More]
Greetings and Happy New Year from EDGE 21, our community's 21st Century Scholars mentoring program. It is our pleasure to provide the community with a... [Read More]
Happy New Year! Hope you made some good resolutions for 2021 and that you can follow through with them. [Read More]
Knowing when to stop wishing people a happy new year is a social minefield. [Read More]
Knock, knock.Who's there?Jerry.Jerry who?Jerry Christmas and happy New Year!OK, so I just made up this lame attempt at humor, but that doesn't... [Read More]
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