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HARRY Potter fans can stay in a Gryffindor themed dorm with four-poster beds and a lavish prefect bathroom, featuring the famous mermaid stained glass window.... [Read More]
Eddie Redmayne was shocked by the 'vitriol' JK Rowling faced over her comments about transgender people. [Read More]
Results- it said that my personality matches to Gryffindor house! I love Gryffindor😊😊😊... [Read More]
Even though Eddie Redmayne doesn't agree with JK Rowling's numerous transphobic comments of late,... [Read More]
Ben Miller as Professor Jasper Tempest. Photo: ITV Based on the hit Belgian series of the same name, Professor T has begun filming on location in Belgium... [Read More]
The actor supported the Harry Potter creator in an interview with the Daily Mail... [Read More]
The 'Harry Potter' franchise is one of the most beloved movie series to date — see what the cast is doing now... [Read More]
With this tips and tricks guide for Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells, you'll have a much easier time making your way through the Wizarding World. [Read More]
Harry Potter fans get ready for a trip down memory lane. [Read More]
Zynga's Match-3 mobile game Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells brings the Wizarding World into the palm of your hand and make stime disappear like magic! [Read More]
Charlie Oldman is driving social media users wild because this 21-year-old looks like "a young Sirius Black." That's not a coincidence. He's the son of... [Read More]
Harry Potter fans can book stays in a cottage that looks just like the Gryffindor common room at Hogwarts... [Read More]
Accio wallet. [Read More]
HARRY POTTER books may no longer be coming out in the way they used to, but certain questions are still on fans' minds. So did... [Read More]
A group of over 50 prominent literary figures signed letter in support of Harry Potter author JK Rowling after she received death threats on social... [Read More]
Some of Britain's most eminent entertainers and authors have rallied around JK Rowling after the Harry Potter writer was subjected to an onslaught of abuse... [Read More]
ALBANY COUNTY JERICHO DRIVE-IN (518-767-3398) Schedule not provided by theater; call theater for movies and... [Read More]
There are some great deals on new 2020 Advent Calendars at Amazon right now including LEGO City, LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Harry Potter, Friends, Funko,... [Read More]
After a 17-year hiatus, Harry Potter and his Quidditch broom have flown back onto the American Library Association's list of Most Frequently Challenged Books. ... [Read More]
We're absolutely spellbound by this magical home in Lavenham better known as Godric's Hollow to the wizarding world... [Read More]
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