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"Lizzie McGuire" star Hilary Duff got upset when a man refused to stop taking pictures of her 7-year-old son's football game. Now she wants laws... [Read More]
Today's headlines with Scot and Kara. [Read More]
Hilary Duff is sharing "more thoughts" after confronting a "creepy" photographer at her son's football... [Read More]
Hilary Duff confronted a man taking pictures of kids at a football game over the weekend. Click here for the the Disney alum's update on... [Read More]
"They're our children, and we would like to protect them," Duff said. [Read More]
The 32-year-old actress bundled up in a thick brown jacket Sunday while out and about in Los Angeles. [Read More]
The Younger star took to Instagram on Saturday to capture a run-in with a photographer who was snapping photos of kids at her child's soccer... [Read More]
Hilary Duff pushes her daughter Banks Violet in a stroller, while her son Luca walked beside her on a shopping trip in Studio City. Hilary... [Read More]
Hilary Duff wants the paparazzi to know that it is wrong to take pictures and videos of children without parental permission. The actress confronted a... [Read More]
Hilary Duff shared a video to Instagram, in which she confronts a man she caught taking photos of her son's football game in the park. [Read More]
"I'm asking you human-to-human — as a mother — if you don't know anyone here, can you please stop taking pictures of our children playing... [Read More]
Hilary Duff Blasts Photographer For Taking Photos Of Her KidsHilary Duff went into protective mom mode this week as she took it upon herself to... [Read More]
"I'm asking you to stop taking pictures of our 7-year-old children." [Read More]
"I'm asking you human to human, as a mother, if you don't know anyone here, can you please stop taking pictures of our children?" [Read More]
Asked why he was taking photos of the children, the man said he was 'practicing' photography and ignored Duff when she said he was making... [Read More]
Hilary Duff has shared a video that shows her confronting a man she says was a member of the paparazzi, after noticing he was taking... [Read More]
Hilary Duff shared a video of a 'creepy' photographer who was photographing her children playing. [Read More]
Hilary Duff isn't about to let some strange, random man get away with photographing kids at a soccer game! On Saturday afternoon, the former Lizzie McGuire... [Read More]
Hilary Duff posted a video of herself confronting a photographer she says was a member of the paparazzi, who was taking pictures of children playing... [Read More]
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