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After a June full of economic starts and stops, the jobs report will tell us more about the economic outlook. Next, the Biden campaign saw... [Read More]
After nearly a month of organized protest and occupation, Seattle's leaders ordered that the CHOP — the Capitol Hill Organized Protest — be disbanded. For... [Read More]
19-year-old Horace Lorenzo Anderson was killed in Seattle's Capitol Hill Organized Protest zone. [Read More]
This is what Seattle's Capitol Hill Organized Protest zone looks like after police officers stormed in on Wednesday to clear protesters out. Photos showing the... [Read More]
Seattle police on Wednesday dismantled the self-styled Capitol Hill Organized Protest area, ending a three-week standoff between police and protesters who had declared it a... [Read More]
Riot police in Seattle arrested dozens and shut down the autonomous protest zone known as Capitol Hill Organized Protest, after Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan issued... [Read More]
The so-called Capitol Hill Organized Protest area was taken over by protesters after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. It was the site of... [Read More]
Seattle radio host Jason Rantz joined "Tucker Carlson Tonight" Wednesday to discuss the end of the Capitol Hill Organized Protest [CHOP],…... [Read More]
During a press briefing in Washington Wednesday, the White House press secretary said that the city of Seattle has been "liberated."Press secretary Kayleigh McEnany's comments... [Read More]
Horace Lorenzo Anderson, whose 19-year-old son was killed in Seattle's "Capitol Hill Organized Protest" (CHOP) zone, gave an emotional interview to Fox News' Sean Hannity... [Read More]
Recent shootings prompted Seattle officials to clear the police-free zone known as the Capitol Hill Organized Protest. The police chief said she supports lawful protests,... [Read More]
AG Barr commended Seattle police chief for taking action to restore order after parts of the city were occupied by protestors for weeks in a so-called... [Read More]
Attorney General William Barr expressed relief and commended Seattle police after the department cleared a six-block area known as the Capitol Hill Organized Protest following... [Read More]
Seattle police retaken the precinct after clearing out the protest area known as the Capitol Hill Organized Protest, (CHOP) making more than a dozen arrests. [Read More]
Republican lawmakers took to social media Wednesday to express their support for the end of CHOP, the Capitol Hill Organized Protest, in Seattle... [Read More]
Seattle police stand on a road in the Capitol Hill Organized Protest zone early Wednesday. (AP Photo/Aron Ranen) [Read More]
At least 31 people were arrested as police cleared a protest zone in Seattle. Tensions were high as officers pushed protesters out of the "Capitol... [Read More]
Yesterday, officials started the removal of barriers in the Seattle Capitol Hill Organized Protest zone. Demonstrators have occupied six entire blocks in the city, including... [Read More]
Seattle's mayor has put an end to the nonstop protest occupying the city's Capitol Hill neighborhood. Mayor Jenny Durkan issued an executive order just before... [Read More]
Seattle Police have arrested at least 23 individuals following Mayor Jenny Durkan's (D) order to clear out the "autonomous" zone, known as the Capitol Hill... [Read More]
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