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76 percent of likely Iowa Democratic caucusgoers think a Michelle Obama candidacy would add to the campaign; 40 percent feel that way about Oprah.      ... [Read More]
Republicans, in the waning hours of their eight-year reign in the House, are using this precious time to do what they love best: investigating Hillary... [Read More]
Hillary Clinton testified in a new court document (pdf) on Dec. 14, that she used her private email ... [Read More]
Eight-year-old Martha Kennedy Morales got a huge surprise when she opened a personal letter sent to her home. It was from Hillary Clinton, who was... [Read More]
Like many Republicans, Mick Mulvaney didn't think much of Donald Trump before he became president, and didn't do anything to hide his contempt. But now... [Read More]
Ours is an age of egregious excess, of tearing everything apart to set everything right and then hiding from reality when everything gets worse. So... [Read More]
Bloomberg Mick Mulvaney, the Office of Management and Budget Director who President Donald Trump tweeted Friday would serve as acting chief of staff after John... [Read More]
I've long enjoyed the challenge of trying to think through the reasoning and perspectives of people with whom I disagree particularly in the areas of... [Read More]
WASHINGTON  Robert Paduchik, a longtime top adviser to Ohio Republicans, will leave his post as vice chairman of the Republican National Committee to join the... [Read More]
Hillary Clinton has a message for Bernie Bros, Democratic Socialists and other constituencies of the "Dirtbag Left". [Read More]
Fox News anchor Shepard Smith smacked down a comparison of the investigation into President Donald Trump's campaign with the one into Hillary Clinton's emails in... [Read More]
Fox News' Shep Smith delivered a furious response to the long string of falsehoods pushed by President Trump and Mike Flynn, the convicted criminal who... [Read More]
Nearly a year and a half after President Donald Trump fired him as FBI director, James Comey has re-emerged on the political stage. Comey's testimony... [Read More]
Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Oregon, is opposing a border wall between the United States and Mexico because people can't see through it. During a segment on... [Read More]
Sen.-elect Josh Hawley, a Republican, has called a complaint against him the work of a "Hillary Clinton henchman" and said the complaint is "totally absurd"... [Read More]
Hillary Clinton issued a statement Friday marking the sixth anniversary of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, which killed 26 people, the majority of them first-grade... [Read More]
Reince Priebus, a former chief of staff to President Donald Trump and Republican power broker, could join the Navy after a monthslong process in which... [Read More]
Fox News' leadership has made it a priority to crack down on offensive comments by guests and contributors in 2018. This year, Fox News apologized... [Read More]
Screenshot via Fox News Fox News' leadership has made it a priority to crack down on offensive comments by guests and... [Read More]
On Friday morning Hillary Clinton responded to a court order forced by Judicial Watch to answer more questions about the setting up of her private... [Read More]