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Hillary Clinton has said that the jury's verdict in the trial of Harvey Weinstein "really speaks for itself." "It is obviously something that people have... [Read More]
"Hillary" is the new Hulu documentary tracking the life of Hillary Clinton from her early days as Hillary Rodham to her 2016 presidential campaign. [Read More]
Judicial Watch: Strzok Email – Hillary Clinton Apologized to FBI Over Emails – But Apology was 'Not In' FBI 302 Documenting Her Interview The new... [Read More]
former two-time presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is once again starting to dip her toe into the 2020 campaign. What else does she have to do? [Read More]
Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton discusses the politicization in the federal judiciary system, the partisanship in Roger Stone's court case and the FBI defending Hillary... [Read More]
Sayu Bhojwani, the founder of New American Leaders, said Hillary Clinton losing the elections gave people PTSD, and people are furious about the statement. [Read More]
It's been three years, and she should be moving on with her life instead of obsessively attacking Trump every chance she gets. At this point,... [Read More]
The correspondence between Peter Strzok and his lover Lisa Page is proving to be a treasure trove on Hillary Clinton email misconduct. [Read More]
Sen. Bernie Sanders and his front-running presidential campaign have amped up their criticism of MSNBC, saying the liberal-leaning cable network has regularly slighted or ignored... [Read More]
Mr Weinstein was explaining why he supported Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders during the 2016 primary race. [Read More]
Clinton used an appearance at the Berlin International Film Festival to assail Trump and say that she did not regret saying of Sanders that no... [Read More]
Former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Monday called President Donald Trump a "clear and present danger to democracy." |... [Read More]
Hillary Clinton on Monday denounced President Donald Trump as a "danger to democracy" and defended her scathing comments... [Read More]
Sanders even met with Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, according to opposition research dug up by Hillary Clinton's team during the 2016 presidential campaign. [Read More]
David Frum is out spreading the fake news that Hillary Clinton was "vigorous and in good health" during the 2016 campaign. [Read More]
The Latest on the 2020 Democratic primary contest (all times local): 12 p.m. Nevada's Democratic Party says about 100,000 people participated... [Read More]
Amidst the chaos of the Democrat nominating process, Hillary Clinton won't close the door on her own candidacy. Clinton was in Berlin, Germany today to... [Read More]
Trump loved it when Wikileaks exposed the criminality of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party as it cheated to deprive Bernie Sanders of the Democratic... [Read More]
The Electoral College should be abolished because it is a relic of the past that no longer serves our democratic process.A glaring example can be... [Read More]
This epic documentary ranges across Hillary Clinton's life, from the Arkansas governor's mansion, through the White House years to her own shot at the top... [Read More]
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