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After four years of chaos the billionaire Republican is trailing in the polls amid a coronavirus catastrophe and a struggling economy - but he trailed... [Read More]
Democrat nominee Joe Biden repeated his vow to be a president for all Americans, but as Trump supporters reportedly outnumbered and trolled his drive-in rally... [Read More]
Barely a week out from Election Day, the electoral map is a sprawling landscape, larger than predicted as the campaigns took shape a year ago.... [Read More]
Rocker Jon Bon Jovi, who hit the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton's losing White House run in 2016, is at it again, this time teaming up... [Read More]
Trump's media strategy is mostly a repeat of his 2016 insurgent bid against Hillary Clinton. [Read More]
Kansans are electing two state Board of Education members this fall as the panel has gained attention amid the coronavirus pandemic for its decision not... [Read More]
and by enough? This is the biggest question of all... [Read More]
The second-to-last weekend before Election Day will be a busy one in Pennsylvania, with Joe Biden set to visit Bucks and Luzerne Counties on Saturday... [Read More]
Having moved to Colorado in 2001, I've had front-row, 50-yardline seats to witness the state's transition from being solidly red, to red, to purple, to... [Read More]
A blitz of late-stage visits to Pennsylvania by Joe Biden and his surrogates, including to Bucks County, show Democrats have learned a big lesson after... [Read More]
Donald Trump still owns the circus-tent vibe four years after he first tested it successfully in Pennsylvania. But his second tour of MAGA arena shows... [Read More]
Hillary Clinton and many in the media accused Russia of interfering in the 2016 election in order to get Donald Trump in the White House.... [Read More]
In 2016, the first debate between President Trump and Hillary Clinton garnered 84 million viewers, which is the most-watched debate ever. [Read More]
People are trying to paint Joe Biden as corrupt. For the love of all that is good and decent, please don't fall for this garbage... [Read More]
The ratings were still lower than the ratings of Trump and Hillary Clinton in 2016. [Read More]
Joe Biden's lead in several key swing states isn't that much more commanding than Hillary Clinton's lead was at this late point in the 2016... [Read More]
John F. Kerry, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Donald J. Trump and Joseph R. Biden Jr. all agree: The election they contested was the... [Read More]
Of 28 Wisconsin polls conducted in 2016, all of them showed Democrat Hillary Clinton leading Republican Donald Trump, according to polling data tracked by Real... [Read More]
From Tom Fitton's Breitbart article: We still intend to interview Hillary Clinton. We have filed a petition for panel rehearing and rehearing en banc in the United States Court... [Read More]
Former President Barack Obama's entry into the presidential race is an effort to boost Democratic Party turnout against President Trump and secure votes that fell... [Read More]
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