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The bills many teachers are concerned about are House Bill 1005, Senate Bill 412, and Senate Bill 413. [Read More]
Oklahoma high school students may have to pass a new test to graduate in the future. A bill at the state capitol would require them... [Read More]
Oregon legislators Tuesday introduced House Bill 3296, dubbed the Addiction Crisis Recovery Act, which would increase the state's beer tax by 2,800% and wine tax... [Read More]
Jefferson County Public Schools could be forced to return to in-person instruction sooner than planned if an amended House bill takes effect. [Read More]
Frustrations continue to build over unemployment benefits in the Commonwealth, as the state's auditor says there could be as many as 100,000 Kentuckians waiting to... [Read More]
New GOP-sponsored Ohio Senate legislation would roll back part of the scandal-ridden House Bill 6. [Read More]
he Colorado House of Representatives unanimously passed House Bill 21-1057, Extortion of Immigrants Engaging In Lawful Acts... [Read More]
Santa Fe, NM- Today the House of Representatives passed House Bill 2, the state's operating budget on a vote of 60-10. The budget now moves... [Read More]
One lawmaker wants New Mexico schools and universities to do more when it comes to addressing sexual assault among students. Survivors of sexual assault spoke... [Read More]
A bill that could do away with the state income tax in Mississippi is now in the Mississippi Senate. House Bill 1439 passed 85-34 on Tuesday,... [Read More]
The city of Morgantown will lose about $4.5 million a year if a bill passed out of the House Political SubdivYou have reached content available... [Read More]
A handful of bills lawmakers debated Wednesday aim to keep state gun laws safe from federal bills currently under consideration. House Bill 1383 would prohibit... [Read More]
Lawmakers voted for a bill on Wednesday that lessens the penalty for carrying a firearm in certain public places. House Bill 1297 changes the punishment... [Read More]
March 13 marks one year since North Dakota has been under a state of emergency due to COVID-19.Wednesday, lawmakers voted to give themselves greater say... [Read More]
Sen. Sean McCann (D-Kalamazoo) and Rep. Christine Morse (D-Portage) have introduced legislation to update and expand Michigan's 40-year-old "Bottle Bill" law. Senate Bill 167 and House Bill 4331 would... [Read More]
Charleston, W.Va. (WTRF)- A bill, passed by the West Virginia House, would limit local governments from banning or regulating certain plastics and to-go containers. House... [Read More]
Another year, another attempt to ban the sale of violent video games. House Bill 3531 is the brainchild of Illinois State representative Marcus Evans, Jr.... [Read More]
The New Hampshire House passed a bill that would refund fines issued to businesses for violating COVID-19 orders, the first successful rebuke of Gov. Chris... [Read More]
A substitute for House Bill 12 moves forward incorporating some changes, including a drop in the originally proposed 9% excise tax on cannabis sales down... [Read More]
An open letter to Reps. Jason Osborne, Keith Ammon, and Glenn Cordelli, sponsors of House Bill 544, a bill that addresses the propagation of so-called... [Read More]
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