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That's great, but WTF is sNEWSi?
Senators said they no longer think the bill's $1 billion in subsidies are necessary, and said repealing them will help turn the page on an... [Read More]
Governor Wolf signed House Bill 326, which permits the Pennsylvania National Guard (PANG), in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Department of Health, to develop plans for... [Read More]
There was a record number of absentee voting this past general election that some said started the groundwork for a house bill that would make... [Read More]
Until the bill is fully passed, under the resolution implemented in Pima County, businesses are required to enforce their customers to mask up. [Read More]
which would repeal the law that requires schools to provide tampons and sanitary pads - got me to thinking about other "free" sanitary products we... [Read More]
A Senate bill to ban solitary confinement for pregnant prison and jail inmates, and expand access to services to inmates in the first six weeks... [Read More]
House Bill 2638 filed in the Texas legislature Tuesday would prevent certain types of homes from losing power for more than 6 hours during rolling... [Read More]
Officials in the county are applauding the death of an Indiana House bill that sought to strip their ability to regulate much of a residence's... [Read More]
Members of the Kentucky House of Representatives approved legislation aimed at creating 40 additional jobs at Glenmore Distillery in Owensboro. [Read More]
House Bill 2868 allows retail spirit licensees to sell alcoholic beverages in their original, sealed containers via drive-thru. [Read More]
46,000 unemployed Missourians were overpaid about $150 million. [Read More]
House Bill 309 removed a controversial change to Louisville's mayoral races, but it requires a new civilian review board to seek subpoenas through a Metro... [Read More]
The White County Commissioners stood firm on opposing an Indiana House bill that, if passed, would take away much of their ability to determine conditions... [Read More]
House Bill 312 would limit access to public records to only Kentucky residents. [Read More]
House Bill 1904, by Rep. Cynthia Roe, R-Lindsay, ostensibly would protect women undergoing the procedure, but Roe readily admitted that her bill's primary objective is... [Read More]
DELAWARE- A bill in Delaware's General Assembly right now is turning some heads. So much so, that a petition was created against the bill. "While... [Read More]
If allowed to go into effect, this measure would establish Illinois as one of the most expensive states in the nation regarding this area of... [Read More]
Does House Bill 0209 have a fighting chance in Wyoming's state Congress? [Read More]
The Illinois House Human Services Committee advanced two bills Tuesday, one allowing special-needs students to stay with school programs past their 22nd birthday and another... [Read More]
A new Illinois bill could ban pet stores from selling animals obtained from a breeder in an effort to put an end to puppy mills.... [Read More]
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