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It's been a busy few weeks on Capitol Hill as both sides of the aisle prepare for the upcoming impeachment trial. House Democrats delivered the... [Read More]
House Democrats gearing up to take impeachment to the Senate are already bashing Republicans over process, accusing GOP leaders in the upper chamber of threatening... [Read More]
Democratic lawmakers in the US House of Representatives vow to call new witnesses, including Lev Parnas. [Read More]
The House Democrats soon to prosecute the impeachment case against President Trump huddled in the Capitol on Sunday for 11th-hour preparations ahead of the Senate... [Read More]
House Democrats announced this week that they are launching an investigation into the Trump Administration's Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) program, known colloquially as the "Remain... [Read More]
Several Republicans who oppose new witnesses say House Democrats rushed the impeachment process. [Read More]
Fox News' Chris Wallace pointed out Sen. Lindsey Graham's (R-S.C.) updated view on witnesses in a Senate impeachment trial, but Graham swore the situation is... [Read More]
Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown on Sunday said it would be "fine" if Senate Republicans requested Hunter Biden as a witness in the impeachment trial against... [Read More]
Hours before the seven House Democrats managers marched articles of impeachment across the Capitol last week, President Donald Trump secured what he's relying on to... [Read More]
House Democrats file brief against Trump ahead of Senate impeachment trial; Rep. Debbie Dingell reacts. [Read More]
Ahead of Tuesday's Senate impeachment trial, President Trump's legal team launched a broadside on House Democrats' articles of impeachment Saturday, as impeachment managers laid out... [Read More]
Sen. Lindsey Graham said he did not want to legitimize a bad-faith effort by House Democrats by calling witnesses in the Senate trial over President... [Read More]
As the Senate prepares to kick off President Donald Trump's impeachment trial on Tuesday, the House Democrats prosecuting the case against Trump, and his legal... [Read More]
Alan Dershowitz, the Harvard Law emeritus professor who recently joined President Donald Trump's legal team, on Sunday distanced himself from a response by two White... [Read More]
Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said the abuse of power impeachment charges by House Democrats against ... [Read More]
Key House Democrats pressing the Senate to hear from new witnesses in President Trump's impeachment trial are leaving the door open to another possibility: calling... [Read More]
House Democrats filed a 111-page legal brief ahead of President Trump's impeachment trial, arguing he threatens national security. The House prosecutors laid out the argument... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's legal team said Saturday that Democrats mounted a "brazen" bid to overturn the 2016 election while House Democrats said the president had... [Read More]
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