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House chambers at Legislative Hall in Dover... [Read More]
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This year the Governor was able to use language amendments in the budget to bypass House GOP leadership and accomplish some important bipartisan policy objectives. [Read More]
In a successful bid to win over more rural GOP lawmakers' support for Republican Gov. Bill Lee's school voucher bill, House GOP leaders added Wednesday... [Read More]
In a move that could have a far-reaching impact on small business people running for federal office, the Democratic chairwoman of the Federal Election Commission... [Read More]
Jim Jordan offers a Civil War throwback: House probe of voter suppression is an invasion of states' rights... [Read More]
A proposed tax on manufacturers of opioid medications sold in Massachusetts may yet be debated by state lawmakers. Republican Gov. Charlie Baker originally asked for... [Read More]
House Republicans want the state school board to revisit K-12 funding. Board president said that's unlikely. [Read More]