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House of the Dragon might use the same score as Game of Thrones, but composer Ramin Djawadi created unique themes for each Targaryen. [Read More]
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How the series' casting director navigated a time-lapsed, multigenerational plot. [Read More]
The first ratings directly comparing Amazon's Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power and HBO's House Of The Dragon are finally in... [Read More]
House of the Dragon has made one of the boldest moves in all of television, by essentially... [Read More]
The actor, who plays the recently deceased Ser Harwin "Breakbones" Strong, says Ryan Condal saw Strong and Red Viper as having a similar "impact" [Read More]
On "House of the Dragon," a 10-year time jump brought new actors and major new characters into the fold. Here's a guide to who's who... [Read More]
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We've cruised through 10-plus years now on House Of The Dragon, so where do the characters go from here? [Read More]
I really need to stop getting attached to House of the Dragon characters. [Read More]
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