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Seven current candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination were the among the respondents to an LGBTQ survey, but Tulsi Gabbard — who has been criticized... [Read More]
A real-life Iron Man wants to test the limits of human flight. Richard Browning invented a special jet suit so he can zoom through the... [Read More]
Johnson was one of NASA's human "computers" and wrote trajectory equations for missions in the space agency's early days. She was awarded the Presidential Medal... [Read More]
Kobe Bryant's former agent and current GM Rob Pelinka said "Kobe's last human act was heroic." [Read More]
The film is designed so that we feel as starved for rudimentary human emotion as its main character. [Read More]
Los Angeles Lakers GM Rob Pelinka revealed the last thing Kobe Bryant did before his death during his public memorial service. [Read More]
Police are investigating after human remains were found in King William County on Monday morning. [Read More]
The Lakers GM and longtime friend of Bryant revealed that the two spoke just moments before the helicopter crash that took Bryant's life. [Read More]
Researchers at Stevens Institute of Technology have created a 3D imaging system that uses light's quantum properties to create images 40,000 times crisper than current... [Read More]
Maine's Department of Health and Human Services and A Family For ME will host a foster care panel discussion from 5-7:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 4.... [Read More]
A fictionalized scene in the new Amazon show depicts prisoners at Auschwitz being forced to participate in a game of 'human chess.'... [Read More]
Christopher Durang's comedy follows what happens when two people meet for the first time and endure "the worst date in human history." [Read More]
Major stock market futures are down precipitously at this hour in today's pre-market, as new information related to the COVID-19 coronavirus exacerbates the perceived risk... [Read More]
Kobe Bryant seemed immortal as a five-time NBA champion, but he showed his human side in the years after his retirement. [Read More]
An ID card helped investigators identify human remains found deep in woods in South Carolina as a man missing for nearly four years, Lexington County... [Read More]
The Lakers GM and Bryant's former agent shared the late basketball great's last text exchange moments before he died. [Read More]
A man walking along a beach in Florida was aghast when he stumbled upon a nightmarish doll sporting what appeared to be human teeth. [Read More]
The Charleston County School District and its insurer paid a $150,000 settlement to its chief human resources officer for a school board member's Facebook comments,... [Read More]
"This song is made entirely to get a human being to their feet and directly to the dance floor" [Read More]
Neil deGrasse Tyson tweeted, "Not that anybody asked, but if Elsa from "Frozen" has a Human-sized Head then she has Horse-sized Eyeballs — occupying 4x... [Read More]
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