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Friday, February 14, 2020 at 07:55 AM
The Senate approved a bipartisan measure Thursday aimed at limiting President Donald Trump's authority to launch military operations against Iran, with eight Republicans joining Democrats... [Read More]
At his post-acquittal address at the White House last Thursday, President Donald Trump told congressional impeachment allies that, "You develop friendships and relationships when you're... [Read More]
To the editor:The Sun Chronicle, in its own best interest, ought to vet information presented in the editorial reprints it uses on the Opinion pages.... [Read More]
Democrats have their knives out for Bill Barr after a controversial week for the Attorney General. [Read More]
The Army said that there is no probe into the lieutenant colonel who recently testified at the impeachment hearing. [Read More]
Click here to read the full article. WASHINGTON - A few hours after the U.S. Senate voted to acquit President Trump,... [Read More]
President Trump told Fox News friend Geraldo Rivera on Thursday that he did send Rudy Giuliani to Ukraine to procure damaging information on his political... [Read More]
For news hounds, it's been quite a week. In the very heart of our nation, a rare impeachment saga played out to a divisive finale.... [Read More]
The impeachment trial of President Trump was a sham from the beginning. It wasn't a sham because Trump didn't deserve to be impeached, convicted, and... [Read More]
Joe Biden was never a political rival, much less a threat to Donald Trump. That means the entire reason for two years of hearings and... [Read More]
Detroit NewsThe impeachment trial of President Donald Trump is expected to conclude later this week, without hearing from the additional witnesses demanded by Democrats.Uncertainty about... [Read More]
With last week's news that the U.S. Senate acquitted President Donald Trump in his impeachment trial, the Citizen asked the five candidates in next month's... [Read More]
Only the third impeachment trial of a president in our history. [Read More]
Editor:We in the baby boomer generation owe an apology to the generations that have followed us. For all of our idealism in the 1960s, we... [Read More]
President Donald Trump on Thursday criticized former White House chief of staff John Kelly after he came to the defense of a former national security... [Read More]
CNN's Kaitlan Collins reports. Former national security adviser John Bolton defended his ex-colleague, former White House chief of staff John Kelly, after President Donald Trump... [Read More]
Knowing you to be aware of things going on, no doubt you know the U.S. Senate has been sitting as the jury in the impeachment... [Read More]
Jay Nixon on Feb. 8 spouts perfectly the Dem talking points about the impeachment trial. One comment is really funny, "It will be recorded that... [Read More]
Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) tells CNN's Anderson Cooper that President Trump is sending a message about his control over the Department of Justice. Emboldened after... [Read More]
As he cursed out an NPR reporter on Jan. 24, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo uttered seven words that sum up the sham impeachment trial... [Read More]
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