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The CEO of Goya Foods has been told by his own board that he must keep his thoughts to himself following recent television appearances where... [Read More]
The Democrat Party Of Oregon has released a statement in response to the inauguration day festivities where the *mostly peaceful* terrorists of antifa targeted their... [Read More]
22-year-old Amanda Gorman captivated the country with her words on Inauguration Day. Gorman is a Youth Poet Laureate. Houston has its own Poet Laureate. Her... [Read More]
Joe Biden's Swiss-made Rolex Datejust marks one of the new US President's first breaks with his predecessors who, with the exception of Donald Trump, have... [Read More]
The 22-year-old poet has signed with IMG Models, following a moving reading at President Biden's swearing-in ceremony. [Read More]
Culture has returned to the White House. The memorial with 4,000 lights was a fitting tribute to the lives lost to COVID-19. The inauguration day... [Read More]
Ohio National Guard members who were deployed to support local, state, and federal authorities have returned from duty Monday. [Read More]
Inauguration Day was filled with some iconic looks. Designer and Midlands native, Sergio Hudson, is winning major applause for his stunning inaugural work on our... [Read More]
Inauguration Day. I'm listening to Amanda Gorman read her poem "The Hill We Climb" as I drive, thinking of my parents, and how proud they... [Read More]
It's the kind of moment that is set in stone, forever documented, preserved, and a piece of history. [Read More]
Click here to read the full article. Over the past few months, as conspiracy theories have circulated regarding the election... [Read More]
Internet users praised the Vermont senator for putting to good use a wave of publicity surrounding his Inauguration Day outfit. [Read More]
Sometimes you have to do it to 'em.When destiny beckons, when the long novel of time calls your character to the fore, when a nation... [Read More]
As I write this on Inauguration Day, I am reminded that Christians, thus the Church, are called to be wholly different, radically different, a royal... [Read More]
Teigen also reflected on her newfound sobriety. [Read More]
The announcement from Trigger Firearms and Reloading came on Inauguration Day... [Read More]
Inauguration Day was full of Jewish history, with Chuck Schumer became the highest-ranking elected Jewish politician in American history. [Read More]
Has an Inauguration Day ever looked more like America? [Read More]
Presstitute propaganda of a white supremacist insurrection on inauguration day caused 26,000 national guardsmen to be sent by states to D.C. to put down the... [Read More]
A Jefferson City, Missouri gun shop put up a Facebook post on inauguration day announcing that they have no guns or ammo for Grampy Biden's... [Read More]
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