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As we just celebrated Independence Day, it's worth the refection on how revolutionary our forefathers were. Our founders risked everything signing the Declaration of Independence,... [Read More]
The top sector was the Beaches, where two out of three rooms were booked in the week. [Read More]
Oren Taylor "O.T."McKenzie, 68, of Leesburg, GA died Friday, July 3, 2020 in Columbus, GA. It is fitting he died on Independence Day holiday as... [Read More]
President Donald Trump arrives for Independence Day events at Mount Rushmore National Memorial in Keystone, South Dakota, on July 3, 2020. (Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images/TNS) [Read More]
A WOODEN statue of Melania Trump near her hometown of Sevnica, Slovenia, has been removed after being set on fire on US Independence Day. [Read More]
The mainstream media "crossed the Rubicon" with flagrant lies about President Trump's Mount Rushmore Independence Day address, Wall Street Journal columnist Holman W. Jenkins Jr. wrote... [Read More]
Nine people are dead, including a 4-year-old, after crashes across the Commonwealth over the Independence Day weekend. [Read More]
As states report record numbers of new covid-19 cases, Americans are left confused about how to handle daily life. The surges have prompted... [Read More]
Louis Farrakhan live-streamed a three-hour Independence Day rant on YouTube where he calls prominent Jewish Americans "Satan." [Read More]
Nine traffic deaths were reported on Virginia highways over the Independence Day holiday weekend. [Read More]
A woman last seen leaving a Virginia restaurant where she worked on Independence Day has been found dead in a corn field, authorities said. [Read More]
The life-sized statue was left blackened and disfigured on its plinth near Sevnica, Slovenia, on July 4th - when Americans celebrated US Independence Day. [Read More]
I hope that you all had a wonderful Independence Day Weekend. Judging from the amount of fireworks being shot off night after night, it must... [Read More]
Dear Editor,... [Read More]
Distressing thoughts about our nation were on my mind over the July 4th weekend. It's not just that COVID-19 kept us from celebrating Independence Day... [Read More]
As the U.S. celebrated its Independence Day and President Trump vowed to punish those who destroy U.S. monuments, a life-sized sculpture of first lady Melania Trump was... [Read More]
Independence Day thoughts: Our nation was founded as "One nation under God with liberty and justice for all." [Read More]
I've been thinking a lot about independence lately. Not just because we celebrated an unusual Fourth of July, minus the annual gathering of friends and... [Read More]
Fourth of July celebrations were muted this year — a lose-lose proposition. Those who did venture out for personal fireworks and beach parties risked acquiring... [Read More]
President Donald Trump delivered a patriotic speech for Independence Day and columnist Cal Thomas says it's little surprise that those on the left considered it... [Read More]
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