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India's coronavirus outbreak has infected 29 million and left more than 350,000 dead, leaving survivors with severe trauma. [Read More]
Tighter abortion regulations have been proposed in the Treasure Coast. [Read More]
Three people have been arrested from the village so far... [Read More]
The Indian authorities are investigating an internal government report that at least 100,000 test results were forged. [Read More]
Nikhil Kamath admitted he had the help of 'computers' and 'people analysing the game' during the 30-minute match. [Read More]
Kashmiri men fish from their shikaras, a traditional gondola, on a jetty on the Dal Lake in the outskirts of Srinagar, Indian controlled Kashmir, Tuesday,... [Read More]
ANN Widdecombe has slammed Boris Johnson's decision to delay the end of Covid restrictions by four weeks over concerns for the Indian variant. [Read More]
Panelists include Indigenous youth working in education, health, cultural heritage, and the arts... [Read More]
The move comes as major US technology firms including Twitter and Facebook are at loggerheads with Indian government over issues such as data privacy bills... [Read More]
A young Indian billionaire has admitted to cheating in a shock win over five-time chess world champion Viswanathan Anand, saying it was for "fun and... [Read More]
UK study finds Pfizer and AstraZeneca shots prevent serious illness in vast majority of cases... [Read More]
Billionaire admits cheating to beat Indian chess champ... [Read More]
A veteran public health expert warned top Indian officials in early March that a new variant of the coronavirus was spreading quickly in a rural... [Read More]
SAGE adviser professor Medley warns there could still be hundreds of Covid deaths a day even after Boris delayed end of lockdown amid spiralling Indian... [Read More]
Police in the Western Indian state of Maharashtra arrested four men on Sunday for allegedly beating a coronavirus doctor. [Read More]
The man charged with six murders in the south Kansas City area was found incompetent to stand trial Monday. [Read More]
Vaccines are about as effective at preventing people needing hospital care when they catch the Indian variant of the coronavirus as they were for the... [Read More]
FULLERTON, Calif. ­– Shrey Gandhi, an Indian American high school student at Troy High School here, troubled by the tragedy unfolding in India due to... [Read More]
Ruhi Mansey has been selected for the Television Academy Foundation's prestigious 2021 Summer Fellows program. The Indian American student from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is one... [Read More]
Fredrick Scott, dubbed the Indian Creek Trail Killer, has been deemed incompetent to stand trial for three of the six killings he's accused of. [Read More]
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