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Astronaut Nick Hague and the rest of the International Space Station crew previewed "Ad Astra" a few weeks ago. [Read More]
NASA also wins an Emmy for its co-coverage of the SpaceX Crew Dragon test flight to the International Space Station. [Read More]
Brad Pitt interviews NASA astronaut Nick Hague during a trip to NASA Headquarters. The actor, situated on Earth talks with Hague, who is currently on... [Read More]
"Ad Astra" actor Brad Pitt called the International Space Station for a conversation with NASA astronaut Nick Hauge on Monday ahead of the film's release. [Read More]
"Ad Astra" star Brad Pitt talks about life in space with NASA astronaut Nick Hague, who recently screened the film at the International Space Station. [Read More]
Brad Pitt, star of the new space movie "Ad Astra," had a burning question for a real-life astronaut. "Who was more believable? Clooney or... [Read More]
A startup plans to manufacture fiber-optic cable on the International Space Station and ship it back to customers on Earth. Easy! [Read More]
Click here to view this video from [Read More]
When astronaut Lt. Col. Anne McClain allegedly hacked into her estranged wife's bank account and reportedly stalked her from a NASA computer aboard the International... [Read More]
Students from around Louisville and the state of Kentucky got the opportunity to speak to astronauts on the International Space Station. [Read More]
Check out CNN's International Space Station Fast Facts for a look at what you need to know about the ISS, a spacecraft built by a... [Read More]
A photo shows the International Space Station crossing the sky above the Old City of Jerusalem. [Read More]
A fire broke out near a rocket launch pad on Tanegashima Island in Kagoshima Prefecture early Wednesday, prompting the cancellation of an unmanned rocket l... [Read More]
Astronaut Andrew Morgan posted photos of how astronauts at the International Space Station were honoring those who died in the attacks on the World Trade... [Read More]
It's mission over for a robot called Fedor that Russia blasted to the International Space Station, the developers said... [Read More]
Experiments show that cement will set in space, but moon colonists may have to tweak the mixture to make it work in low gravity... [Read More]
Cement has never been made in space before this experiment on the International Space Station. The way water reacts inside the mixture is not particularly... [Read More]
The fire (pictured), which broke out at Japan's Tanegashima island on Wednesday, tore through a vent designed to carry engine exhaust away from the heavy-lift H2B rocket. [Read More]
It's not yet known when the HTV-8 cargo ship will be launched to the International Space Station... [Read More]
ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano became the first DJ in space when he performed a set from the International Space Station. [Read More]