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The Pétrus 2000 spent 14 months aboard the International Space Station orbiting the Earth and could reach $1 million at private sale. [Read More]
The proceeds will be used to help fund future experiments on the International Space Station. [Read More]
On March 17, Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) students and researchers in the NPS Spacecraft Robotics Laboratory, working with NASA and the International Space Station research... [Read More]
Coldplay have announced that they will premiere their new single 'Higher Power' with a special link-up to the International Space Station. [Read More]
and it could fetch $1 million.The Château... [Read More]
StoreDot, the pioneer of extreme fast charging (XFC) battery technology for electric vehicles (EVs), today announces that together with the... [Read More]
20 years ago, Dennis Tito paid $20M to visit the International Space Station. Today people are following in his cosmic footsteps. The CEO of Space... [Read More]
and occasional actors; Massi... [Read More]
Christie's auction house selling bottles of wine that spent a year on the International Space Station. The auction house expects them to go for a... [Read More]
Americans preoccupied with the pandemic or national politics may have missed major news on "our" aging International Space Station (ISS) and China's launch of the... [Read More]
Thanks to NASA's Nicer telescope, which collects data from its perch on the International Space Station, scientists are now a step closer to understanding these... [Read More]
A bottle of wine that has spent time at the International Space Station is expected to go for more than a million dollars at auction. [Read More]
That's one small sip for man. One giant leap in price. [Read More]
After more than a year on the International Space Station, this French merlot is expected to sell for big bucks at Christie's auction house. [Read More]
If a bottle of Petrus 2000 that Christie's is selling tastes out of this world it might be because it aged for 14 months aboard... [Read More]
Because bottle of French wine spent 14 months on the International Space Station... [Read More]
A bottle of French red wine that flew around earth aboard the International Space Station for 14 months is up for sale. [Read More]
Sierra Nevada Corp. has been in line to become the third commercial partner to send supplies to the International Space Station with its mini-shuttle-looking Dream... [Read More]
It's been a big week in aerospace news with the nighttime return of four astronauts from a long endurance mission at the International Space Station... [Read More]
The wine is out of this world. The price is appropriately stratospheric. Christie's said Tuesday it is selling a bottle of French wine that spent... [Read More]
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