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Nine musicians from the Syrian diaspora in Europe are playing Sunday in the 24th friendship concert conducted by Riccardo Muti, this year at the Paestum... [Read More]
Victor, a three-year-old Belgian Malinois, had suffered a seizure when his SAS team was clearing a suspected Islamic State compound in Iraq... [Read More]
A federal judge has extended the court-ordered hospitalization of a Maryland man deemed mentally unfit for trial on charges he planned an Islamic State-inspired attack... [Read More]
A Frenchman who converted to Islam and went abroad to fight for Islamic State was sentenced by a Paris court on Friday to 30 years... [Read More]
A woman who had plotted a suicide bomb attack on London's St Paul's Cathedral this Easter in support of Islamic State was jailed for life... [Read More]
Safiyya Amira Shaikh caught by undercover officers as she planned to plant explosive devices at the historic cathedral and a nearby hotel. [Read More]
The father of a British man fighting against so-called Islamic State in Syria has criticised the decision to bring charges as "laughable". [Read More]
Safiyya Shaikh, who was a supporter of the Islamic State group, pleaded guilty to creating a terrorist act and dissemination of a terrorist publication... [Read More]
Italy announced it had seized 14 tons of an amphetamine labeled "captagon" en route to Europe from Syria. [Read More]
The mass grave was discovered in the village of Humeydat near the Badoush area west of the city of Mosul, six years after the Islamic... [Read More]
While an investigation is needed to identify the bodies, many believe they were Shiite convicts taken from the local Badoush prison by IS and killed... [Read More]
Iraqi authorities have uncovered a new mass grave site left by the Islamic State group in northern Iraq this week, believed to contain more than... [Read More]
Suspected Islamic State (ISIS) militants detained at a prison in northeastern Syria tried to riot on Monday night. [Read More]
Police seized 14 tons of drugs possibly linked to the Islamic State, in what is claimed to be the world's largest seizure of amphetamines. [Read More]
Italian police have just carried out what they said might be the largest drug bust ever and have placed blame on the Islamic State. [Read More]
Italian police seized more than $1 billion worth of amphetamines believed to have been produced by the Islamic State terror group in Syria. [Read More]
Captagon, a popular amphetamine in the Middle East, is often sold by Islamic State militants to fund their terrorism and now a huge shipment has... [Read More]
Investigators believe methamphetamine production provides Islamic State with vital revenue for militant activities, Italian police say. [Read More]
Italian police on Wednesday said they had seized a 14-ton haul of amphetamines made by the Islamic State group in Syria, calling it the biggest... [Read More]
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