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Up to 30 countries could be on the green list for British holidaymakers from May 17, according to experts.Israel, Barbados, Morocco, the Maldives and a... [Read More]
Countries such as Israel, Iceland and some Caribbean islands could be included on the green list meaning passengers do not have to quarantine upon their... [Read More]
Israeli border police block members of "Lahava", a Jewish extremist group on approach to Damascus Gate to protest amid heightened tensions in the city, just... [Read More]
The missile set off air raid sirens near Israel's top-secret nuclear reactor... [Read More]
Commentary A Syrian SA-5 (S-200) air defense missile with a large 500 lb warhead blew up over the ... [Read More]
Iranian state media claims Wednesday evening's missile attack on Israel was a success and the weapon struck its intended target. [Read More]
The missile set off air raid sirens in a village near Dimona, prompting Israel to respond with strikes on the missile launcher and other targets... [Read More]
Israel's Channel 12 is scheduled to air a documentary soon on the allegations against Meshi-Zahav. [Read More]
The differences between voting in America and voting in Israel are astounding. [Read More]
As anti-vaccine sentiment spread among ultra-Orthodox Jews, officials waged an aggressive campaign against rumors and hesitancy. Today, 80% of ultra-Orthodox adults over age 30 are... [Read More]
Background: The United States and Iran are openly trying to return, in some fashion, to the Iran nuclear agreement. Israel — a long-time ally of... [Read More]
"The Present" is the more openly political of the nominees; "White Eye" is more subtle. [Read More]
A Syrian missile that landed in Israel early Thursday appears to be the result of "incompetence" rather than a deliberate attack, a top U.S. general... [Read More]
The Israeli military said Thursday that a Syrian missile that reached deep into Israeli territory and set off air raid sirens near the country's top-secret... [Read More]
Military acknowledges that air defences failed to intercept surface-to-air missile fired overnight... [Read More]
A group of 21 Republican senators are pressing the Biden administration to immediately cut U.S. funding to the United Nations Palestinian refugee agency, citing its... [Read More]
Top of The World: US President Joe Biden announced Thursday a pledge to cut US greenhouse gas emissions in half before the end of the... [Read More]
A missile launched from Syria flew into southern Israel early Thursday, triggering air raid sirens near a nuclear facility, according to the Israeli military, raising... [Read More]
Early reports from across Israel cited a loud explosion that the IDF later confirmed was the result of a Patriot defense system battery responding to... [Read More]
Greece is also open, while Israel is slowly lifting restrictions. [Read More]
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