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There is a long, questionable and occasionally successful tradition of spinning off iconic literary and film characters through relatives distant and not from James Bond... [Read More]
Clothes make the man... and the movie. [Read More]
Documents uncovered by investigators at Poland's Institute of National Remembrance show that the man, whose full name was James Albert Bond, arrived in Warsaw on... [Read More]
Here's how Idris Elba could look as the next James Bond, if he's cast as Daniel Craig's replacement over Tom Hardy. [Read More]
Has Tom Hardy just been cast as the next James Bond? The rumour has been getting serious traction on social media, despite starting life as... [Read More]
NO TIME TO DIE's release date could be headed for another delay, but will it be staggered globally like Tenet? [Read More]
JAMES BOND star Daniel Craig will bow out after No Time To Die and Tom Hardy has just raced past former favourites James Norton and... [Read More]
Famed Anglo-French actor Michael Lonsdale, who played the iconic Hugo Drax opposite Roger Moore's James Bond in 1979′s "Moonraker," died Monday at the age of... [Read More]
Striking images show the new black female 00 agent played by Lashana Lynch in an epic Bond-inspired shoot as the actress prepares to hit the... [Read More]
Bookies having briefly suspended betting on the identity of the new Bond, it looks as if Tom Hardy has got the gig. At 43, he'll... [Read More]
Michael Lonsdale played the villain Hugo Drax in 1979's Moonraker opposite Sir Roger Moore as James Bond... [Read More]
Would that make him 00-Venom? [Read More]
Remember all of those classic James Bond movies where the bad guys get around their secret lair in shiny chrome monorail pods? Maybe you kids... [Read More]
At 43, Hardy would become the second-oldest Bond at the outset of his tenure after Sir Roger Moore, who was 46 when Live and Let... [Read More]
French actor Michael Lonsdale stars in the James Bond film Moonraker as villain Hugo Drax. [Read More]
He was known for his role as villain Sir Hugo Drax in Moonraker. [Read More]
Lonsdale was known internationally for his roles in the 1979 James Bond film "Moonraker" and as detective Claude Lebel in "The Day of the Jackal." [Read More]
Michael Lonsdale, the French actor who played James Bond villain Hugo Drax in 1979's Moonraker, has died at the age of 89, Variety confirmed this... [Read More]
Michael Lonsdale, the French actor known for his role as the villain Hugo Drax in the James Bond film "Moonraker," has died. ... [Read More]
Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on Linkedin Michael Lonsdale, the British-French actor famous for playing one of James Bond's most iconic villains, has died at... [Read More]
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