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The letter calls for funds to be reallocated from police forces and towards marginalized communities. [Read More]
In 1963 Jane Fonda teamed up with Rod Taylor and Cliff Robertson for a fun romantic comedy. "Sunday in New York" takes place in one... [Read More]
Jane Fonda, Leonardo DiCaprio and more celebrities are committed to making the world a greener place — see the pics... [Read More]
En el último año, la urgencia del cambio climático se ha vuelto más visible. No solo porque empezamos a sufrir algunos de sus efectos sino... [Read More]
She's a vanguard of advocacy and agitation. He just turned 18. Fix brought together the octogenarian and the teenager for a discussion on the past,... [Read More]
The 82-year-old actor and advocate has gone from Hollywood to protest lines to...TikTok? Nothing can stop her from fighting for justice. Not even a pandemic. [Read More]
"We have to try to make changes in ourselves, and we have to get to know Black people." [Read More]
While the in-custody death of George Floyd was undoubtedly a tragedy, defunding police departments across the nation is not the answer to bringing him justice. [Read More]
Ever since NBC lured inveterate race-baiter and staunch defender of Santa Claus' inviolable pinkness Megyn Kelly to its airwaves, the erstwhile Fox News personality has... [Read More]
Peggy Pope as Margaret in 9 to 5, using the catchphrase "Atta girl" to encourage her co-workers played by Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin and Jane... [Read More]
Lizzo, John Legend, Common, Jane Fonda and the Weeknd are just a handful of several celebrities who have signed an…... [Read More]
Jane Fonda appeared on CNN to speak about the protests following the death of George Floyd... [Read More]
Click here to read the full article. John Legend , Common, the Weeknd, Lizzo, Jane Fonda, and others have signed a... [Read More]
Jane Fonda has been an outspoken activist and change maker on many issues from politics to climate change, and this weekend she used her platform... [Read More]
'The policies have to be changed, and then white people have to understand the history that has led to this'... [Read More]
Trevor Noah, Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Jane Fonda are among the latest celebrities to condemn George Floyd's killing as protests ripple across the country. [Read More]
The fact that liberals like Fonda and the mainstream media are glorifying these riots by falsely claiming that they are non-violent is truly despicable and... [Read More]
Click here to read the full article. Actress and activist Jane Fonda spoke about the need to recognize and upend... [Read More]
Actress and left-wing activist Jane Fonda has insisted that from what she's seen, the majority of those taking to the streets in response to the... [Read More]
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