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Thursday, July 11, 2019 at 04:01 PM
Jim Bouton, a major league pitcher who rose to great heights as part of a New York Yankees dynasty but made a name for himself... [Read More]
A memorial service for Jim Bouton, the former New York Yankees pitching star and author, will be announced in the coming weeks, according to a... [Read More]
Jim Bouton, the irreverent Yankee who died at 80 Wednesday after a long battle with cerebral amyloid angiopathy, was a man of many layers. [Read More]
One of my favorite sports quotes of all-time was written by former Major League pitcher turned author Jim Bouton: "You spend a good deal of... [Read More]
The thing about Jim Bouton that always amazed me — and warmed my heart — was the pure joy he derived from his masterpiece, "Ball... [Read More]
'Ball Four' author Jim Bouton dies Jim Bouton, the former New York Yankees pitcher who shocked and angered the conservative baseball world with the... [Read More]
Jim Bouton, whose controversial book "Ball Four" exposed the personal lives of his baseball teammates, died Wednesday after a bout with vascular dementia, his wife,... [Read More]
Jim Bouton, the former New York Yankees pitcher who shocked and angered the conservative baseball world with the tell-all book "Ball Four," has died. He... [Read More]
Jim Bouton, who died this week at 80, is best remembered for "Ball Four," his 1970 unexpurgated, irreverent inside look at baseball and the Yankees. [Read More]
Former New York Yankees pitcher and baseball author Jim Bouton has died at age 80. [Read More]
Former MLB pitcher Jim Bouton, who wrote the critically acclaimed and controversial Ball Four that detailed his 1969 season, died Wednesday... [Read More]
Baseball has inspired many a wordsmith to practice word-smithery of the highest order — R... [Read More]
We remember these celebrities who recently died for their political careers (H. Ross Perot), the music they created (Doris Day), characters they portrayed (Rip Torn,... [Read More]
Top talent agent recalls cookouts and ballgames with former Yankees pitcher, actor, entrepreneur and "Ball Four" author Jim Bouton. [Read More]
Chicago Heights, IL - Jim Bouton, a former World Series champion pitcher for the New York Yankees and Bloom High School graduate, died Wednesday. [Read More]
Before speaking with his old friend Scott Miller of Bleacher Report (29:06), Buster talks to Keith Law about his favorite moments from the Futures Game... [Read More]
The aging knuckleballer left Portland to undertake a TV series version of "Ball Four." It flopped -- and he returned to the Mavericks. [Read More]
Bouton was exiled from the Yankees for nearly three decades following his controversial tell-all book... [Read More]
When Jim Bouton told us about Dick Radatz and the crate or oranges in 1970, a whole new world of possibilities surfaced for covering sports. [Read More]
Pitcher-turned-author Jim Bouton, who died at age 80 on July 10, left a lasting legacy. [Read More]