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The Fulton County commissioners are moving to fight back against Georgia's election bill. [Read More]
To the editor: According to President Biden, recent updates to voting laws in Iowa and Georgia are "un-American, sick, despicable" as well as reminiscent of... [Read More]
Will someone please lend President Biden a history book? [Read More]
President Joe Biden, the great bipartisan unifier, has figured it out again, namely that certain Republican politicians in Georgia are reinstituting the Jim Crow submersion... [Read More]
The big lie works — until it doesn't. [Read More]
The fallout from Georgia legislators passing SB 202, a package of new voting laws that some are referring to as ushering in a new Jim Crow... [Read More]
"Texas Republicans say their proposed voting restrictions are color blind. But many see "Jim Crow in a tuxedo."" was first published by The Texas Tribune,... [Read More]
Are President Joe Biden's over-the-top attacks on Georgia's election laws ("Jim Crow on steroids") backfiring? That's a question I asked in my most recent Washington... [Read More]
The period drama becomes the first major production to leave the state over what is being called "the new Jim Crow." [Read More]
A century ago, a Black couple owned a beach resort in Manhattan Beach — a Southern California town known for its scenic expanse. An inviting... [Read More]
Hideki Matsuyama became the first Japanese golfer to win a major golf championship when he won the Masters in Augusta, Georgia. It's fitting that... [Read More]
Buried in all the hysteria over "Jim Crow on steroids" (otherwise known as Georgia's new election law) is some evidence that America really does suffer... [Read More]
We need a new rule. Just as no modern political leader is "Hitler," no current U.S. government policy is "Jim Crow." [Read More]
The complicated legislation does restrict a number of voting rights, but are the comparisons accurate? [Read More]
Will someone please lend President Biden a history book? He thinks Georgia's new voting integrity law is "Jim Crow on steroids." And Georgia's pretend ex-governor... [Read More]
Majority whip faces up to West Virginia senator on filibuster while insisting Georgia voting law is 'the new Jim Crow'... [Read More]
He says it's important to look at the impact the legislation will actually have. [Read More]
A lawsuit filed by End the New Jim Crow Action Network (ENJAN) member Bill Rubin against the City of Poughkeepsie and Mayor Rob Rolison has... [Read More]
House Democratic Whip Rep. James Clyburn tells CNN's Jake Tapper that a sweeping new Georgia voting law is the "new Jim Crow." [Read More]
Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) tells CNN's Jake Tapper why he thinks Georgia's new voting law represents 'new Jim Crow.'... [Read More]
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