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A federal judge has ruled that a video that reportedly shows New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft paying for sex at a Jupiter massage parlor... [Read More]
The exoplanet WASP-107b may be as large as Jupiter, but this super-puff planet only contains one-tenth as much mass as the king of our Solar... [Read More]
U.S. President Biden's Green New Deal, for instance, is a strong demand driver for silver which has seen substantial growth and investment demand in the... [Read More]
A judge ruled that the videos of Kraft and other customers must be wiped from existence, because the Jupiter police surveillance was deemed unlawful. [Read More]
♈ ARIES March 21 to April 20 The energy you need to push a cash plan through is on its way today, as Mars boosts... [Read More]
"I remember walking on the beach and the next thing I know, I'm waking up with a face full of sand," Anderson told the Palm... [Read More]
When Matthew Anderson and his father, Mark Johnson, spotted a summer thunderstorm making its way toward them on Florida's east coast one afternoon last June,... [Read More]
Researchers have discovered a strange Jupiter-like planet that's cloudless and has a four-day year. [Read More]
More weird news from outer space this week. NASA announced that their Juno probe detected FM radio signals coming from one of Jupiter's moons. Scientists... [Read More]
Astronomers have discovered a cloud-free exoplanet for only the second time ever. It's the first Jupiter-like planet that doesn't have clouds or haze in the... [Read More]
This exoplanet would not even be suspected as a planet for its gassy state! [Read More]
GMs of both stadiums were given the go-ahead from MLB to put their safety plans into action, which means selling about 1,500 tickets for games... [Read More]
Planet WASP-107b has a mass just one-tenth that of Jupiter, even though it is around the same size. But that's not the only strange thing... [Read More]
A unique exoplanet without clouds or haze was found by astrophysicists from Harvard and Smithsonian. [Read More]
According to space.com, Jupiter has a magnetic field that is 20,000 times stronger than Earth's. [Read More]
According to space.com, Jupiter has a magnetic field that is 20,000 times stronger than Earth's. [Read More]
SATURN and Jupiter continue to move through the solar system together following last month's conjunction, and NASA satellite images have shown the two giants in... [Read More]
Nearly 600 light-years from Earth, the exoplanet known as WASP-62b whips around its host star at a breakneck pace. The planet is a hot Jupiter,... [Read More]
A new composite image of Jupiter's atmosphere shows a hot spot glowing brightly in infrared wavelengths.Astronomers and amateur image processors combined data from the NASA... [Read More]
IBU: World Cup, Antholz-Anterselva, Italy (taped) BOBSLEDDING/SKELETON 8 p.m. NBCSN... [Read More]
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