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Environmental activists are targeting at least five major oil and gas pipelines after celebrating the death of Keystone XL this week. [Read More]
Several hundred students and youth who marched from Georgetown University to the White House to protest the Keystone XL Pipeline wait to be arrested in... [Read More]
Was the official cancellation by TC Energy a turning point for Canada's energy sector? [Read More]
The climate activists who are dancing on the grave of the canceled Keystone XL pipeline shouldn't celebrate too much. [Read More]
Keystone XL pipeline nixed... [Read More]
TC Energy announced its Keystone XL pipeline is no more, but opponents say the war will continue on at least three battlefields: the Nebraska Public... [Read More]
TC Energy, formerly known as TransCanada, pulled the plug on the Keystone XL pipeline after Canadian officials failed to persuade President Biden to reverse his... [Read More]
Samantha Gross explains what finally killed the Keystone XL pipeline project, the implications for other pipeline projects and U.S. carbon emissions, and the future of... [Read More]
The Keystone XL (KXL) pipeline, killed Wednesday after the project's sponsors pulled the plug, was proposed in 2008 by TransCanada Energy and was planned as... [Read More]
Former President Donald Trump on Friday slammed union leaders for supporting President Joe Biden and held them responsible for "thousands of jobs" being lost following... [Read More]
Activists say Biden needs to do more on pipelines to uphold his climate promises. [Read More]
In 2018, Crain's reported that Charlie Mills had purchased a Winnetka home for $4.1 million, modest compared with the 17.5-acre Highland Park estate that Wendy... [Read More]
The fight over the pipeline will be, at least for now, where Biden's climate commitment will be judged. [Read More]
On Wednesday, the Canadian pipeline company that was building the Keystone XL pipeline canceled the project. This isn't surprising: President Joe Biden spared no time... [Read More]
After securing the death of Keystone XL, emboldened environmentalists are projecting confidence about their chances of convincing President Joe Biden to intervene in other oil... [Read More]
The pipeline's developer has pulled the plug on the controversial project after 13 years of debate. [Read More]
The Keystone XL is dead after a 12-year attempt to build the oil pipeline, yet the fight over Canadian crude rages on as emboldened environmentalists... [Read More]
The pipeline's demise is a major victory for activists. But emissions from Canadian oil are still on the rise. [Read More]
Plus, Alberta mulls NAFTA action to save Keystone XL pipeline in wake of company's decision to end project... [Read More]
Anti-pipeline activists feel energized after the company behind the Keystone XL pipeline announced it would terminate the project following a more than decade-long battle. [Read More]
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