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North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un has reportedly acknowledged that the food situation in the secretive country is troubling amid reports of shortages. [Read More]
He told the ruling party that the coronavirus pandemic and a series of storms had led to bad harvests. [Read More]
The health of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has long been a source of morbid fascination in rival South Korea, which sits in the... [Read More]
Kim Jong Un warns that North Korea may experience a food shortage and longer pandemic restrictions. [Read More]
North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has warned of potential food shortages in the Hermit Kingdom as photos showing his own weight loss are scrutinized... [Read More]
In our news wrap Wednesday, the Federal Reserve signaled it may raise a key, short-term interest rate — from near-zero — sooner than planned. The... [Read More]
Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leader, issued a rare warning about a "tense" food situation brought about by extensive flooding, the coronavirus pandemic, and... [Read More]
Fresh photos of a slimmed-down Kim Jong Un are giving recent rumors about the North Korean despot's health more weight — as watchers wonder what... [Read More]
Kim Jong-un told members of his ruling communist party Wednesday that North Korea's agricultural sector had "failed." [Read More]
THE SOURCE of a picture showing a government official drawing a pig in front of Kim Jong-un has been revealed. [Read More]
Images of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un appearing thinner led some online speculators to believe his health could be in jeopardy, though a South... [Read More]
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is warning of a "tense" food situation in the country and a potential extension of coronavirus restrictions as he... [Read More]
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un appeared noticeably trimmer as he addressed a major political conference, according to footage released by state media on Wednesday.The health... [Read More]
North Korea has imposed strict anti-virus measures even though it claims that it doesn't have even a single case of Covid-19... [Read More]
North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un has admitted that the food situation nationally is "tense", sounding the alarm in a country that suffered a devastating famine... [Read More]
Kim Jong Un said his country's food situation is getting tense, an acknowledgment of the challenges inside North Korea following a year of major flood... [Read More]
The health of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has long been a source of morbid fascination in rival South Korea, which sits in the... [Read More]
North Korea's Kim Jong Un has faced rumors about his health on previous occasions when he walked with a cane and missed a major state... [Read More]
In recent state media images, Kim appeared to have lost a large amount of weight as his face is thinner and the strap on his... [Read More]
O líder norte-coreano Kim Jong-Un admitiu que o país enfrenta uma "situação alimentar crítica", informou a mídia estatal nesta quarta-feira (16). A Coreia do Norte, cuja... [Read More]
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